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What is One-Stop PCB Service?

One-Stop, also known as ‘Turnkey’ PCB Services are a complete solution, including DFM Checking, PCB Fabrication, Electrical Testing, Parts Procurement, PCB Assembly, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and Shipping.

In short, you simply send us your PCB Design Files, and we send you back a fully functional PCB.

One-Stop PCB Service
PCBA One-Stop Service

Why More and More Customers Choose PCBA One-Stop Service

Compared with general solution companies,due to it does not involve a specific back-end production process, it may not easy to know much about the current price trends of PCB circuit boards and components and the new SMT technology.
But PCBA manufacturers work with these back-end processes every day. The engineers at PCBA processing plants know very well what kind of board and what kind of solder paste to use in what industry.

One-stop PCB assembly services

OEMs would like to work with one-stop turnkey PCB assembly service providers.
This means that the same PCB assembly company offerss services required at every stage of production. These turnkey solutions include prototyping, parts procurement, fabrication, multiple quality tests, inspections, and final PCB assembly.

One-stop PCB assembly services

Your Best PCB One-stop Service Partner 

PCB One-stop Service

Venture is serving as your best manufacturer and provider of electronics products in China. We covered a series of PCB one-stop service by our expert design engineers. Venture PCB one-stop service results of lasting partnerships with our clients. We are introducing to you the sales and PCB one-stop service supplies. Our PCB one-stop service includes: 

  • Prototype Assembly
  • Turn-key Assembly
  • HDI PCB Assembly
  • Flex PCB assembly
  • SMT Assembly
  • BGA Assembly

Your Leading Supplier PCB One-stop Service in China

Venture electronics providing economical PCB one-stop services, located in China. These include PCB fabrication, complete electronic PCB assembly, and sourcing of components. Venture PCB one-stop service is intensively detailed a huge commitment to service and quality. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction.

PCB One-stop Service

Venture PCB one-stop service includes a variety of services and programs for larger orders for ou turnkey clients.  Our business is to manufacture and provide PCB from 0 to 24 layers of designs and assemblies. With a state of modern technology and art facility, we cater to customers in a PCB one-stop service industries. Venture PCB one-stop service is designed for use across the electronics industries.

PCB One-stop Service

When it comes to PCB assembly, Venture looks up to several cost-effective solutions. PCB one-stop service is a complete solution, which is also known as Turnkey PCB service.  This process requires knowledge not just of PCB assembly and components but also of PCB design. Venture experienced staff will assemble and fabricated your PCBs.

PCB One-stop Service

If you are looking for PCB one-stop service, Venture is the right place to be!. We can support you from the electronics and automotive specifications. Venture PCB one-stop service is ready to be supplied with your requirements. You simply give us your PCB designs and we will deliver to you the fully functional PCB.

PCB One-stop Service

Venture PCB one-stop service must fit perfectly for your preference. With our immediate response from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, we will be your best PCB one-stop service partner in China. At Venture, we can answer any questions for PCB one-stop service that you may have.

If you still have any questions about Venture’s PCB one-stop services, you can Email us!

PCB One-Stop Service – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Do you find it hard to understand the concept of PCB One-Stop Service? Of course, this raises many questions in your mind.

You need not worry, as this guide will answer several questions that concern the PCB one-stop service.

What Is A PCB One-Stop Service?

Firstly, PCB means printed circuit board.

A PCB one-stop service is a complete solution that comprises the following;

  • PCB fabrication
  • Parts procurement
  • DFM checking
  • Electrical testing
  • PCB assembly
  • Shipping
  • Automated optical inspection

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

The PCB one-stop service also goes by the name Turnkey PCB service.

What Are The Top Advantages Of A PCB One-Stop Service?

The following are the top advantages of the PCB one-stop service that you can experience.

·       Short Lead Time

The time between the beginning and completion of a PCB one-stop service is significantly short. Since communication gets easier and involves merging all relevant processes, there is bound to be a short lead time.

·       Quality

There is a single point contact that ensures the PCB meets up with quality requirements.

Since one brand handles the entire process, there is better communication during the production process.

The brand in charge can easily monitor, identify problems that may occur, and easily provide quick solutions. So, in all, you get a quality PCB at the end of the day.

·       Cost-effective

Since one organization handles the whole production, you don’t have to pay different brands for other parts of the process.

For example, it eliminates paying one brand for part procurement and another for electrical testing, etc. Hence you can minimize the cost.

·       Easy Monitoring

A PCB one-stop service makes it easy for you to monitor the entire process compared to working with different brands.

So, every customer has control of their involvement in the process.

·       Provision Of After-sales Service

After the brand delivers your order, you still have the luxury of seeking a revision if you are not satisfied.

Some brands even offer a refund policy, and you can quickly seek their help if you have questions.

What Are The Various Application Of A PCB One-Stop Service?

A PCB one-stop service gains relevance in the following areas.

·       Consumer Electronics

You can employ PCB one-stop service in your day-to-day gadgets. The electronics include home appliances such as televisions, microwaves, refrigerators.

It also finds its usage in computer systems such as laptops, communication devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, radio, etc.

·       Automobiles

The automobile industry is not left out. A PCB one-stop service finds relevance in automobile control systems, sensors, and even navigation systems.

·       Medical Devices

In the medical niche, PCB one-stop application includes health monitoring devices, infusion pumps, medical imaging systems(e.g., scanners), etc.

·       Security And Safety Equipment

Electronic door locks, security cameras, and smoke detectors are a few applications of PCB one-stop services in this niche.

·       Industrial Tools

You can apply PCB one-stop service in measuring equipment, manufacturing tools such as power drills and power equipment.

Other applications include;

  • LED systems
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Aerospace components
  • Military equipment
  • Maritime space

What Does The PCB One-Stop Service Process Entail?

  • It starts with the Design For Manufacturability(DFM). The DFM must be available to start the process.
  • The next stage is to present the bill of materials which contains all materials and their cost. You will also need to submit the necessary engineering documents.
  • The PCB one-stop provider reviews the documents and the bill of materials.
  • Then it moves to the payment stage. The pay can be in installments depending on the terms of the contract.

What Is The Difference Between PCBA and PCB In Terms of PCB One-Stop Service?

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

A PCB is an empty circuit board that has no electric components.

On the other hand, PCBA is a complete assembly with all the electric components necessary for its application.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

In simple terms, you can say a PCBA is ready for use, while a PCB isn’t ready.

What Are The Key Considerations In A PCB One-Stop Service?

In the concept of a PCB one-stop service, the following considerations are vital.

·       Manufacturing Process

Before producing the board, one must evaluate the manufacturing process. Each manufacturing method comes with its advantages and limitations.

In this concept, the reference holes or points and the board mounting method are vital to consider. The fabricator must have the ability to produce the board in mind.

·       Organization

Organization means having a good structure and plan in place, showing how the whole process will go.

It helps reduce work time as well as cost.

·       Materials

The ideal practice is to ensure that all material for the process is available. Also, ensure to choose the best materials for each function.

What Factors Affect The Cost OF A PCB One-Stop Service?

The factors that impact the cost of a PCB one-stop service are numerous. The major factors include;

·       Materials

The materials used for the entire process are numerous and expensive. In addition, these materials vary from one application to another and have their unique complexities.

·       Panel Utilization

PCB panels have different sizes, and their utilization is how much area the manufacturer uses for the process.

When you utilize more panel areas, it means more components play a part in the process. Hence affects the cost.

·       PCB Size

The size of the board greatly influences the cost. Larger sizes of PCB tend to house more component materials and, in turn, increase the cost.

·       Layer Count

The higher the number of layers, the higher the cost. So, more layers mean more production stages which will result in more materials and time.

·       Hole Sizes

The holes that the board needs are also an important factor. A high number of holes means a relatively higher cost on a general scale since it requires more work.

If the holes are thin, drilling will require special instruments and technicalities. And it is a usual rule that more specialty attracts more cost.

·       Aspect Ratio And Thickness

Making a PCB from a thick material attracts more effort, technical know-how, and tools.

Thicker boards on their own are expensive, and the cost gets higher when they have a high aspect ratio.

Other minor factors include;

  • Surface finish
  • Impedance control
  • Tolerance
  • Class of PCB performance
  • Legend printing
  • Type of vias

How Does A PCB One-Stop Service Provider Get You To Market Faster?

Outsourcing to a PCB one-stop service provider helps get you on the market faster.


·       You Leverage Their Experience

When a PCB one-stop service provider takes charge of your project, you leverage their equipment, technology, and overall experience.

As a result, you have quality PCB, which the final consumers need without an experienced in-house team or workforce.

·       Shorter Lead Time

The PCB one-stop service providers have all it takes to cover all the processes in a short time. So, they deliver your products on time, and you are good for the market.

Can PCB One-Stop Service Use the SMT Technology And Through Hole Technologies?

Yes, PCB one-stop service can use SMT technology and through-hole technology.

The answer is valid because there are two methods employed in mounting components in PCB one-stop service, and they are

  • Surface mounting technology(SMT)
  • Through-hole mounting technology

SMT technology

Surface Mounting Technology

Surface mounting technology is placing the components directly on the empty PCB board.

Through hole technology

Through-hole Mounting Technology

Through-hole mounting is placing components into drilled holes on the empty PCB board.

Can I Order A PCB One-Stop Service From China?

Yes, you can order a PCB one-stop service from China.

China continues to build a reputation of having quality PCB one-stop service providers.

What Tips Help Reduce Cost of PCB One-Stop Service?

You can employ the following to reduce the cost of the PCB one-stop service.

Enhance The Bare Board Schematics

You can subject the empty board to DFM testing to prevent future errors, which will help reduce cost.

Leverage on up to date software to develop efficient schematics. The action will touch the size, shape, holes, and complexity of the board.

Present An Accurate Bill Of Materials(BOM)

An accurate bill of materials is a list of needed materials and their accurate prices. If they are not accurate, it delays the process, which will increase the cost of service.

Contact An Affordable PCB One-stop Service Provider

Do a search and underground study of PCB one-stop service providers that give quality service at a minimal cost.

Do Larger Units Of PCB

You can order three to five units for about $400, while larger batches of tens can be about $600.

What Are Electrical Testing Techniques Used For PCB One-Stop Service?

There are two techniques for electrical testing in a PCB one-stop service. They are;

·       In-circuit Testing(ICT)

 In-Circuit Testing Technique

In-circuit Testing Technique

The ICT has a 90% fault coverage. The technique uses electrical probes in a bed of nails layout to send currents to the test points.

In-circuit testing inspects for short or open circuits resulting from the following

  • Wrong orientation of transistors or diodes
  • Missing of board components
  • Solder defects

In-circuit testing is suitable for large batches of production.

·       Flying Probe Testing

Flying Probe Testing Technique

Flying Probe Testing Technique

Flying probe testing is an upgrade to in-circuit testing. It checks voltage measurements and the passive parts of the board, such as the diodes and transistors.

The flying probe testing is suitable for small batches or units.

Can You Get A Low-Cost PCB One-Stop Service?

The answer is YES.

Several service providers have different prices, so you have to check the one that fits your budget.

Which Are The  Quality Certifications For A PCB One-Stop Service?

The following are the licensing certificates for a PCB one-stop service

·       ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a certificate for quality and management systems. It aims to put service providers in the global market.

It covers the scope of operation, leadership, support, organization, and performance.

·       UL

The UL sees to it that products comply with safety standards. The UL certification means that the service provider has a reputation for providing low-risk products to customers.

·       IATF16949

The IATF16949 covers the concept of quality management of automobile products. It ensures that manufacturers provide quality parts in the automobile space.

·       RoHS

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substance. RoHS ensure compliance in terms of taking out harmful substances in electrical products.

RoHS certification means the products or services of the providers are void of harmful substances.

·       REACH

It’s an acronym for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals. The certification is for companies that fulfill the standards of quality control of chemical products.

·       ISO 14001

ISO 14001 covers the concept of environmental management. Its standards focus on preventing pollution.

Does The PCB One-Stop Service Have A Good Lead Time?

Yes, you can have a good lead time with the PCB one-stop service.

Since one company handles all stages of the production, the result comes forth in good time.

How Does PCB One-Stop Service Compare To Turnkey PCB Solution?

There is no comparison between both terms because they mean the same thing.

You can say that they are just synonyms, as both means a complete PCB service involving;

  • Parts procurements
  • DFM checking
  • PCB fabrication
  • Electrical testing
  • Shipping
  • PCB assembly
  • Automated optical inspection

Is PCB One-Stop Service Same As Contract Manufacturing PCB?

They are both different concepts, although they share a relationship.

PCB One-Stop service talks about the complete cycle of PCB production.

On the other hand, contract manufacturing PCB emphasizes the act of outsourcing PCB manufacturing to a third party.

Here is the relationship, the word “outsource” connects both concepts. That is, you can outsource a PCB one-stop service as a contract.

Is PCB One-Stop Service Provider Same As OEM PCB Manufacturers?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are companies that manufacture original products.

Then other companies use these products as components for their products before selling to the final consumers.

However, they are not the same concept; an OEM PCB manufacturer may render a PCB one-stop service.

On the other hand, a typical PCB one-stop service provider usually procures the parts for the service.

Are There Limitations Of Using PCB One-Stop Services?

There are no outlined limitations of the PCB one-stop service

However, there are some downsides of the PCB one-stop service, and they include;

  • Some sorts of issues arise when you need customized production.
  • Since one company handles all the processes, a mistake will make the lead time longer and reduce product quality.
  • Although it’s possible to see a PCB one-stop service with low cost, the service is naturally on the high side. Hence it is challenging for customers with low budgets.
  • Not all PCB one-stop providers offer after-sales service. It means that if problems arise after delivery of the service, you may be left to handle them yourself.

But in all, the advantages of PCB one-stop service are more compared to its disadvantages.

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