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With our over 10 years of experience in laser cut PCB production, we have been trusted by customers around the world. We have also built a good business relationship with business firms globally. We take pride in producing the best quality laser cut PCB services and assembly.

Our unmatched services will provide the best solution for your projects and business. Whether you are a retailer or a project designer, Venture is the best laser cut PCB manufacturer for you! With Venture, you are able to get your projects done or promote your brand.

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China’s Leading Laser Cut PCB Manufacturer

laser cut pcb

Venture is a professional laser cut PCB manufacturer in China. We specialized in providing customers with the best solution for your laser cut PCB needs. We provide a wide range of laser cut PCBs with excellent quality.

At Venture, we have we are equipped with advanced PCB laser cutter machines. Therefore, you can assure that we can provide you high-efficiency and reliable performance laser cut PCBs. We also ensure a clean and smooth edged laser cut PCBs.

laser cut pcb

Aside from that, we manufacture laser cut PCBs made from polyimide, FR4, fired ceramics, LTCC, and more. Our laser cut PCBs are available in different sizes, thickness, and designs that are fully customizable according to your applications and requirements.

Venture laser cut PCBs are widely used in various applications including telecommunication, military, and medical. These are also suitable for computers, aerospace, automotive, industrial control, and more electronic assemblies.

Venture guarantees that you purchase the best quality products that are perfect for your applications. We have a team of professional engineers to help you with your laser cut PCB designs. We also offer excellent services and quick response.

laser cut pcb

Why Venture is a leading Laser Cut PCB manufacturer in China

  • Excellent laser cut PCB design, layout, production, and assembly
  • On-time delivery and one-stop solution
  • Rich experience and skillful technicians
  • Cooperate with you for a better final product
  • Tested and proven quality by global customers
  • Quick turnkey services
  • Expert in Electronic Manufacturing Services

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Laser Cut PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects you need to know about laser cut PCBs.

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What Is Laser Cut PCB?

This is a laser system that uses a high-powered beam to cut PCB materials based on the computer software-controlled parameters.

It is used for separating, singulating and depaneling individual circuit boards from an array of many boards on one large panel.

It can be used as an alternative method over other forms of PCB depaneling such as the routers, die punches, dicing saws and many more.

Furthermore, laser cut PCBs are available in different customizations and configurations such as different colors, sizes/shapes, thickness among others.

 Laser Cut System

Laser Cut System

What Are The Advantages Of Using Laser Cut PCB?

Laser cut PCB is the most basic and widely used method of PCB cutting because of many advantages it has over other methods.

The advantages of using laser cut PCB include;

  • Flexibility- this makes it suitable for cutting the PCB material into different shapes with the same material thickness.
  • Versatility- PCB laser cutters are not only used for cutting, they can also be used for laser marking as well.

PCB laser cutter is also capable of cutting nearly all PCB materials with varying thicknesses i.e. copper, aluminum and the iron materials.

  • Precision- PCB laser cutter is the most accurate method when compared with other thermal cutting methods. This accuracy gives it the opportunity to achieve high precision without any after treatment.
  • Speed- it is the quickest and saves on time during the cutting process.

When compared with other thermal cutting methods and traditional mechanical cutting methods, laser cut PCB is more quicker especially in cases of more complex cuts.

  • Contactless cutting- in PCB laser cutting, it is the beam that comes into contact with the material thus there is no mechanical friction that could wear tools.
  • Automation- PCB laser cutting machine is highly automated hence does not require much manpower compared to other cutting methods.

The automated machine also plays a very important role on the cost, time for cutting and the final product as well.

 A laser Cutting PCB

A Laser Cutting PCB

Which Configurations And Customizations Is Laser Cut PCB Available In?

Laser cut PCB comes in different configurations and customizations such as different colors, shapes/sizes, different thicknesses.

Customizations may also include; working temperature of the product, the speed of production, uses of laser cutter on PCB, the quantity/MOQ  of the laser cut PCB among others.

How Do You Choose The Best Laser Cut PCB/Factors You Need To Consider?

The quality of laser Cut PCB is determined by the  laser cutting services provided therefore choosing the best laser cutting service is the main factor to put into consideration.

The factors that will determine the quality of the laser cutting services include;

  • Knowledge and tool used during the cutting process.
  • Quality control measures put in place that verifies the quality of the product.
  • Project flexibility that allows you to keep your work within one shop.
  • Proper/ good communication- it shows commitment
  • Proven skills by a look through the previous work.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Laser Cut PCB

There Are Factors To Consider When Choosing The best Laser Cut PCB

How Can You Make PCB With A Laser Cutter?

To create a PCB laser cutter, first step involve cleaning a piece of copper board then spray paint on the copper board which forms a coating and then blast it with a laser.

Once the board has been coated with paint and blasted using a laser, there are few additional steps that are required to creating the PCB.

How Can PCB Laser Cutting Efficiency Be Improved?

The PCB laser cutting machine efficiency is improved mainly to shorten the time of laser cutting and to improve the utilization rate of the material.

Usually the laser cutting process is divided into two parts; the components and the residual materials.

The component materials are the workpieces that are cut off by the design drawings and they are the useful part while the rest that remains are the residual material and they are not useful.

In order to improve the utilization rate of the PCB material, we need to reduce the residual material cutting after the laser cutting.

The laser cutting path can be divided into the processing path for separation of materials and the cutting path itself.

The cutting path is the effective working path and the time consumed is the effective cutting time.

Therefore , in order to improve cutting efficiency, to reduce the cutting path and to shorten the time of invalid cutting, length is the main method.

Another method that can help save on the cutting time is through adjusting the process parameters of the cutting process appropriately and selecting different perforation methods.

How Can You Use Laser Cutter On PCB?

PCB laser cutter is used on PCB materials such as the aluminum, copper, iron to separate, singulating and depaneling of individual circuit board from an array of many boards on one large panel.

Laser cut PCB is able to cut nearly all kinds of PCB materials through varying thicknesses.

They are typically able to cut, ablate metals, skive and drill wide variety of PCB materials such as FR-4[ the most commonly used material], PTFE[ Teflon] and metals such as copper, aluminum, iron etc.

The beam of laser cut PCB is punch through the PCB material to leave the necessary aperture thereby ensuring it does not compromise the integrity of material surrounding it.

Fig 4- A Laser Cutting A PCB

A Laser Cutting A PCB

Which Materials Can Be Cut Using PCB Laser Cutter?

PCB laser cut is more versatile on both of its applications and material side therefore it can be used to cut, etch or mark nearly all the material.

But first, you need to know the properties of these materials before cutting or etching such as the thickness of the material etc.

Some of these materials may require extra attention when cutting or may be hazardous to the machine itself or even human or simply don’t just work.

Therefore it is always important to check on the list of the materials that can be cut using the laser cutter before attempting to cut materials that you have never worked with before.

Some of the should not be cut using the PCB laser cutter include;

  • Polycarbonate sheet/Lexan- when cut using PCB laser cutter, it creates long stringy cloud of soot that float up, produces flames, ruins the optics and mess up the laser cutter machine.

This is can also be dangerous to the health of the individuals nearby.

  • PVC[ Poly vinyl chloride]/ artificial leather/ vinyl- this material when cut emit chlorine gas which ruins the optics. causes the metal machine to corrode and ruins the motion control system of the machine.
  • Polystyrene foam- it catches fire quickly and melts, therefore this material is capable of causing laser fires that can mess up the laser cutter machine.
  • Coated carbon fibers- coated carbon fibers are difficult to cut but when cut, it is capable of emitting noxious fumes.
  • Fiberglass- it is a mixture of glass and epoxy resin which cannot be cut easily and it is also capable of emitting fumes that ruins the optics and mess up the PCB laser cutter machine.
  • Epoxy- an item coated with epoxy should not be cut using PCB laser cutter since the material burns easily and releases toxic fumes/smoke.
  • Any food stuff- this type of laser system is not designed to cut any food substance and if you want to cut a foodstuff, consider sponsoring a food only laser cutter which is kept as clean as a commercial kitchen would require.
  • Materials with sticky glue backing- there are some laserable items such as thin wood laminates, cork tiles, acrylic tiles which becomes un-cuttable when a layer of peel -off glue is added on their bottom to attach them to the surface.
  • Polypropylene foam- it catches fire easily and melts therefore it is capable of causing laser fires that may end up interfering with the PCB laser cut machine.

Besides that, there are materials that can be cut comfortably using the PCB laser cut and they include;

The PCB materials such as FR4, which is the most commonly used material, PTFE[ Teflon] and metals such as copper, aluminum, iron etc.

Other materials that can be cut using the PCB laser cutter include the wood which can either be a plywood or MDF, paper and cardboard material, plastics such as acrylic, Lucite, PMMA and many more.

What Are The Methods Of PCB Depaneling?

PCB Depaneling

PCB Depaneling

PCB depaneling is one of the uses of the PCB laser cutter and it involves removing numerous smaller individual boards from a large panel during manufacturing.

This is a way of safeguarding the integrity of the PCB material and it also allows PCB manufacturers to assemble multiple boards simultaneously, reducing the production time and cost.

The following are different methods used in depaneling of PCB arrays and the challenges that may be encountered;

  • Punching/die cutting- a two part fixture punches out single PCBs. This method is expensive/costly and require higher maintenance.
  • Breaking by hand- only applicable for strain-resistant circuit boards.
  • Pizza cutter- this method is inexpensive, easier to maintain and is the best in cutting very large panels into smaller ones.

It can be used to cut V-grooved PCBs.

  • Depaneling router- can cut arcs and turn at a sharp angle, but the capacity is lower. Single boards are connected using tabs, the router bit mills out the tabs.
  • Laser routing- has precise tolerances and low mechanical stress but has higher initial capital outlay.
  • Sawing- can be used to cut both non- V -grooved PCBs and V- grooved PCBs and can perform at higher feed rates.

Challenges: some of the PCB depanelization methods may present some disadvantages such as;

In sawing, saws used are only appropriate for certain arrays i.e. can only cut in straight lines hence cannot be applied to other arrays that doesn’t require straight lines.

In laser routing, lasers can only be used with an optimal board thickness of 1mm or less, thickness above 1mm cannot be used.

Using routers may also require additional cleaning prior to shipment since this method produces a lot of dust that must be vacuumed out.

How Much Does Laser Cut PCB Cost?

The price of PCB laser cut changes depending on a number of factors such as the size, color, type of material to be using the machine, method of depaneling to be used and many more.

Generally, the standard fee for laser cutting on PCB material is around $ 60 per hour tax included. Labor fee may be required for any additional work beyond the standard laser cutting job.

Prices differs widely from each model of PCB laser cutting machine and therefore, through working with us, we can help you find a point price that caters to exactly what you need.

Is Using Laser Cutter On PCB Efficient?

Yes it is.

Using laser cutter on PCB material has more advantages compared to other methods used for the same purpose such as plasma cutting thus making it more efficient.

Some of the features that makes laser cut PCB more efficient include;

It is more precise, uses less energy when cutting metals, flexible, repeatable, faster and saves on time, versatile hence can be used to cut wide variety of materials.

However, PCB laser cutter cannot go through metals with greater thickness that plasma can.

How Do You Verify The Quality Of Laser Cut PCB?

The quality of laser cut PCB is determined mainly by the cutting quality of the laser cutter used.

Therefore when checking the laser cutting quality on PBC, the following are the standards that we focus on;

  • Roughness and lines- this factor affects both the appearance of the edge and the friction characteristics of the PCB material cut.

Usually, the laser cutting sections form vertical lines and it is the depth of these lines that determines the roughness of the cutting surface.

Therefore, the lighter the lines, the smoother the cutting section is and the higher the quality of the laser cut PCB.

To achieve higher laser cutting quality, roughness should be reduced as far as possible and through this the quality of the laser cut PCB is improved.

  • Corrosion and depression- they appear when a cutting error has been made and have adverse effect on the surface of the cutting edge thus affecting the appearance of the PCBs.

Depressions and corrosion should be avoided in order to achieve a high quality laser cutting which results into high quality laser cut PCB.

Other factors that we also put into consideration when checking the quality of laser cut PCB include;  burrs formation, deformation etc.

The appearance of these two factors shows that the laser cut PCB is of low quality hence they need to be avoided.

Another way to check on the quality of laser cut PCB is through regular inspection before the cutting process begins and right after the cutting has been done.

Inbound inspection is also done before the finished product is put into stores as a requirement by the inspection standard board.

This ensures that the final laser cut PCB conforms with the design/ quality standards requirements.

How Do You Customize Laser Cut PCB?

Laser cut PCB can be customized based on the shape/size, print color, thickness, uses, quantity, speed of laser cutting on PCB material among others.

  • Shape/size- PCBs can be created in different shapes/sizes using a laser cutter machine.
  • Thickness- Lase cutter can cut up to around 10mm thickness of PCB material and if the thickness exceeds 10mm, then the vertical degree of cutting edge is important.

The cutting edge deviate a few millimeter from the vertical line.

  • Print color- the laser cut PCB material can be printed using different colors depending on the application requirements.
  • Uses; PCB with laser cutter can be used for depaneling, singulating and separating circuit boards from an array of many boards on one large panel.
  • Working environment- clean and less dust environment under a temperature of 5-40 degrees and humidity of 5-80%.
  • Speed of laser cutting on PCBs- laser cutting machine is the quickest and can cut at a speed of around 30m/min.
  • Quantity- there is MOQ of as low as one unit for laser cut PCB.

What Are Limitations Of Using PCB Laser Cutter?

PCBs laser cutter does have downsides, which include;

It need experts to operate, somehow costly, limitation to metal thickness especially thicknesses above 20mm and hazardous fumes released when cutting certain materials.

How Thick Can A PCB Laser Cutter Cut?

One of the downsides of PCB laser cutter is that it is limited to material thicknesses, to mean there are material thicknesses that cannot be cut using the PCB laser cutter.

The maximum thickness varies from one material to another, for example;

The maximum thickness by 3000W PCB laser cutting machine for carbon plate is 20mm, aluminum plate and copper is 8mm, stainless steel is 10mm etc.

Why Should You Import Laser Cut PCB From China?

China is one of the leading superior laser cutting PCB manufacturers and suppliers worldwide with so many years of experience in the manufacturing process.

With so many years of working experience, we can create different designs of laser cut PCB with excellent features that will suit your business.

The advancement in technology has also played a major role in the quality of our production.

The laser cutting machines we use are automated hence saves a lot of time during the cutting process as well as ensuring the accuracy in when cutting leading to production of perfect laser cut PCB.

Besides that, our laser cut PCBs are available in different customizations and configurations such as different sizes/shapes, thicknesses, colors etc.

We emphasize progress and introduce new solutions into the market each year for laser cutting PCB.

We also have professional suppliers and we do supply all over the world therefore you can reach out to us and the product design.

Are There Quality Standard Requirements For Laser Cut PCB?

Of course there are.

There are regulatory mechanisms put in place by the relevant regulatory authorities to ensure that the final product conforms with the quality standards required.

Some of the quality standards to check on the quality of laser cut PCB include; roughness, perpendicularity, cutting width and many more.

Roughness- a higher quality laser cut PCB shouldn’t be rough.

Normally, laser cutting section forms a vertical line and it is the depth of the line that determines the roughness of the cutting surface.

Therefore to achieve high quality standard of laser cut PCB, the roughness should be reduced as far as possible.

Perpendicularity- the more vertical the edge is, the higher the cutting quality and through this the quality of laser cut PCB will also be high.

Cutting width- in order to achieve a high quality laser cut PCB, no matter the width of the incision, the working area of the working piece in the laser cutter should be kept constant.

Therefore, in order to ensure these quality standard requirements are adhered to, inspections are done regularly before, during and after production has been done.

Does Laser Cut PCB Have Warranty?

Of course there is.

Laser cut PCB manufacturers offer warranty of 1-5 years and it starts from the day of purchase.

The warranty only covers defects in material or workmanship under normal use based on the manufacturers recommended settings during the warranty periods.

The warranty does not conditions, damages, malfunctions that does not result from defects from material or workmanship, damages caused by over-driving of laser components etc.

How Do Laser Cut PCB Manufacturers And Suppliers Support OEM Services?

Laser cut PCB manufacturers and suppliers work very closely with the OEM customers.

They allow the OEM companies to buy their products and later sell the product or part of the product using their own branding different from the one of the original manufacturers.

How Does Laser Cutting On PCB Compared To Mechanical Cutting On PCB?

Mechanical Cutting of PCB

Mechanical Cutting Of PCB

Laser cutting and mechanical cutting are most commonly and widely used cutting process.

They perform the same task with their own specific benefits as well as disadvantages, but they are different in their nature.

Both the two cutting processes can be applied on PCB materials, but every company will opt for one that best suits their needs, budget and many other reasons.

Even though, laser cutting has always been the best solutions for cutting PCB materials due to the desirable quality it has over mechanical cutting.

Laser cutting provides both finishing and cutting touches to a material, it’s entire process of cutting is extremely organized and streamlined than mechanical cutting process.

Furthermore, laser cutting reduces the possibilities of any damage or contamination to the material itself or the equipment, this is possible due to indirect contact between the laser device and the PCB.

This is not a case in mechanical cutting, material warping is a common side effect of this cutting process.

Though there is one limitation of laser cutting on PCB and that is cost, the cutting process is costly as compared to mechanical cutting which is cheaper.

Laser Cutting Of PCB

Laser Cutting Of PCB

How Long Does Laser Cut PCB Last?

The durability of laser cut PCB depends on how you handle and maintain your product.

When the product is handled and maintain in proper way, it can serve for over 15 years without showing any signs of damage or repair.

Proper maintenance here, entails the storage environment of your product, cleanliness, visual inspections.

At Venture Electronics, we offer perfect solution for all your PCB fabrication needs.

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