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HDI PCB Design

HDI PCB design has a higher circuitry density per unit than traditional PCB design, and HDI PCB design using a combination of buried vias and blind vias, as well as micro vias, Venture has 10 years experiences with HDI PCB manufacturing and also HDI PCB design, with our state-of-the-art laser drilling machine( Mitsubishi), laser direct imaging ( LDI) and dedicated HDI design engineers , we are able to provide you best service from design to manufacture.

Your Reliable HDI PCB Design Supplier

In the past, computers used to fill up an entire room, but now, with HDI technology, You can find HDI boards in laptops, cell phones and watches, as well as other portable consumer electronics such as digital cameras and GPS devices.

HDI PCB (High-density interconnect printed circuit board)is a fast-growing part of the PCB industry, nowadays our devices are getting more and more portable, at the same time components inside are getting smaller and more lightweight, but providing better performance, all these requirements are needed to be functionality a smaller area, this is just what an HDI circuit board can offer.

HDI PCB design had played an important role in providing us with a more efficient life. Below are the main advantages of HDI PCB design:

  • HDI PCB designs can reduce layer count and footprint
  • HDI PCB designs can better protect signal integrity than alternative through-hole approaches
  • HDI PCB designs can result in improved manufacturing yield and board reliability

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