Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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From, basic to advanced concepts – you will find all information you need about EMS service provider here.

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Who Is An EMS Service Provider?

An EMS Service Provider is a company that is an expert in designing, testing, building, delivering or giving aftermarket help (repairing) for electronics parts and assemblies for OEMs.

Fig 1- An Electronic Manufacturing Service(EMS) Provider Is An Expert In Designing And Testing Electric Parts

An Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider Is An Expert In Designing Electronic Parts

Why Should You Work With EMS Service Providers?

Products are designed for wide assortment of businesses.

Quick and accurate delivery time of products ordered.

Product is tested for quality to make sure it is error free before delivering.

Technology used is latest to ensure products remain competitively high in quality.

Proper designed chain of supply systems that allows you to meet the high demands that might take long to process.

Fulfillment services are direct.

Automation production lines.

Lots of experience in manufacturing electronics.

EMS is in line with regulatory compliance, it adhere to industry regulations and laws and abides by your guidelines in production.

Good control in quality and assurance in quality.

Are There Limitations Of Working With EMS Service Provider?

Products lifecycles are shorter-This is brought about by the continuous changes in technologies.

This is alongside different tests and preferences by customers is changing on regular basis.

Thus reducing the production of products that were on previous market.

Operating margins are decreasing-due to increase in competition in electronic manufacturing service industry which decreases the fees down thus decreasing operating margins.

Confidentiality and security– lack of knowledge or inedible research of the company your working with raises concerns.

Especially on intellectual property being stolen, this is usually due to lack of control over project to the third point service provider.

Instability –companies usually goes out of business without prior notices.

These leads to unfinished projects thus wasting time, resources, money and effort, giving the dilemma of finding another EMS service provider.

Is There Difference Between EMS Service Provider And OEM Service Provider?

There are a number of things that differentiate EMS and OEM service provider they include:

 Choice Of Assembly Equipment.

OEMs have surface mount equipment that takes longer to set up but faster to run.

EMS-offer more agility, choose to invest in equipments that support faster change overs and programming that gives them added flexibility.

New Product Introduction

OEM designs own products.

EMS works with wide range of OEMS across different multiple markets.

Supply Chain Expertise

EMS typically manufacture for multiple customers, producing more products and supplying to different markets.

OEMs will manufacture less compared to EMS.

Test Design And Expertise

EMS -has greater breadth of experience.

This is usually because it handles more manufacturing of different products and includes repair this gives them a lot of experience and thus little mistakes.

OEMs- engineers have less breadth of expertise and test design because they produce less compared to EMS.

Cost And Time

EMS –Reduces time of manufacturing products and lowers the cost/prices of components. Unlike OEMs.


OEMs -Markets products or components.

EMS- Manufacture products for OEMs and offers  added advantage on services and products in terms of value.


OEMs own rights.

EMS has no ownership rights.

How Will EMS Service Provider Benefit You PCB Manufacturing?

Capital Expenditures Will be low.

Saves on excessive capital expenditures due to the outsourcing of PCB assembly.

This is especially if your businesses relies mostly on small costs and doesn’t require large constant mass production.

A good investment when quality control machines and SMDs are purchased.

Important issue apart from infrastructure cost is expenditure on assembly service.

That is offered by the people who will require payment.

Thus saving you the cost of this and the training certification costs, additional social packages such as health or retirement benefits.

Operating Cost Rationalization.

EMS starts its own SMT assembly.

Has experience that uses and gives solution to businesses in case of factors that affects business occurs.

These may be like; fluctuating of prices and availability of  materials, when to introduce new design changes to a product.

Access Of Specialized Knowledge And Competence

Experienced EMS asses quickly the efficiency of product and corrects significant changes before production begins thus detecting product defects.

EMS holds most certificates required in respect of business continuity management.

Narrow specialization certificates for medical projects.

After Sales And Other Services

EMS turns subcontractor giving services to your company into an equal business partner thus giving you benefits of outsourcing manufacturing.

EMS supports you in every stage of product by advising on the design for manufacturing at  design stage.

EMS has extensive range of services they offer support to your products once introduced to market.

Support In New Product Introduction (NPI).

Experienced contractors can provide proper advice on DTM to verify whether a product is well designed for mass production.

Once EMS understands your needs it will help you in prototyping stage.

Besides, building fast while introducing designs that are necessary for introducing product into long term production.

Benefits of outsourcing manufacturing has lots of advantages.

This is in terms of time and money as an EMS implements project from the assembly to box-build and finishes work in one place.

Production Regardless Of Volume Desired

Regardless of quantity ordered EMS suppliers offers benefits of outsourcing manufacturing and delivers on time with the exact order ordered.

Better Supply Chain Management.

EMS has larger supplier chains and is able to easily manage problems such a produce shortage of parts on market or components obsolescence.

Handles repairs and warrants.

Fig 2- EMS Provider Lowers Your Capital Expenditure During PCB Manufacture

Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider Lowers Your Capital Expenditure During PCB Manufacture

Is There Difference Between EMS Service Provider and Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEMs)?

EMS are companies that are experts in designing, manufacturing, testing, shipping, and repairing electronic components and assemblies for OEMs.

Contract electronic manufacturers are companies that contract to make electronic products for other companies.

CEM they do not provide services relation to software and applications.

EMS offer wide variety of services.

Fig 3- EMS Companies Provide Services Unlike CEM Companies

EMS Companies Provide Services to OEMs Unlike CEM

How Does EMS Service Provider Support Small Business In PCB Industry?

Capital Expenditures Lowers-

Mostly because of outsourcing PCB assembly, this avoids excessive capital expenditures in company.

More profitable for small business that doesn’t require constant mass production of electronic components and relies on small expenditure.

Reduces costs incurred in infrastructure.

Due to experience it is able to cope with factures that affects cost effectiveness.

EMS has good global supply chain management this is advantage to small scale business as once your project is in EMS they help you with market too.

EMS gives quality products for less regardless of quantity of PCB ordered.

How Do You Hire The Right EMS Service Provider?

There are factors that one should consider when hiring EMS service provider, they are stated below:

  • By researching industry expertise and experience.

Value added on design process, clear design guidelines and knowledgeable and accessible staff who demonstrate skills required to bring products to market faster.

  • Must code with industry standards.

Certification to latest standards and specifications across all key customers.

  • Latest advanced technology and modern equipment

It’s necessary to make sure the company you want has this latest technology as they come handy during production and is usually faster.

  • Comprehensive in Product Testing

Certain product that operates in harsh environment must undergo environmental and reliability test to make sure products stand up to the standard required.

Consider this when looking for right EMS service provider to hire.

  • After Market Requirement

The company should be able to give repair services and remanufacturing of product (complete product life cycle).

  • Transparency and Communication

Flow of information is paramount to success of the partnership, collaboration and communication must be consistent. (Open dialogues makes decisions of business faster and easier).

  • Flexibility

Should be flexible enough to handle changes in abrupt timely manner in product, these changes in products should be make faster

  • New product introduction processes

The company to hire should have a place to be able to bring new product to market.

  • Cultural Fitness

Consider experience of supplier in accordance to your cultural fitness this speaks a lot in market sector.

  • Manufacturing footprint that is compatible with short- and long-term needs-

EMS needs to be right for your demands immediately and long-term strategic goals-

  • Traceability

Ability to recall products, track production and match replacement parts.

Capability to retain Records for those who have specific requirement.

Does EMS Service Provider Offer Turnkey PCB Solutions?

In PCB manufacturing, turnkey PCB assembly is the electronic manufacturing service (EMS).

This is because it takes care of entire processes of designing, manufacturing and testing the printed circuit board. So yes it does offer turnkey PCB solutions.

Fig 4- EMS Does Offer Turnkey PCB Soluutions

EMS Does Offer Turnkey PCB Solutions

Is EMS Service Provider Same As Original Design Manufacturers (ODM)?


ODM- is a company that designs and manufactures products.

Which companies are looking for either to be used in their products or sold under the name of their brand.

ODM –is in charge of research and development.

It has the ability to sell the product on their own buyers or they can label it with their own name describing the quality state of product.

It owns rights to products since it designs it.

While EMS- These are companies which create electronic component from designing, manufacturing testing, distribution of final product that is approved for OEMs.

EMS is also responsible for repairing products aftermarket distribution.

Besides, it offers supports inform of shipping management, procurement assistance for obtaining additional components.

This is besides, providing some customer service for the products they created.

Is EMS Service Provider Responsible For PCB Quality Testing?

EMS services include the implementation of quality assurance measures and tests.

These are either carried out as part of production/manufacturing as part of range of services of production order.

Or, individually determined in type of scope by agreement.

Test carried out for sample defined according to scope of production.

Although other procedures can be agreed individually examples a routine test or periodic samples.

Do EMS Service Providers Provide Quality Certifications?

An EMS solution maintains product excellence through adherence to industry and regulation of government.

Besides, the standards and they have to be accreditation to affirm their compliance.

In order to meet the international industry standards it will have to pass a certification audit based on the guidelines established by experts in industry.

IPC standards-Association connecting electronic industries it works to systemize the assembly and production of electrical equipment and production requirements of electrical equipments and assemblies. (IPC-A-610-standard used worldwide by OEM and EMS companies).

Why Should You Work With PCB EMS Service Providers From China?

They specialize in assembling of high-tech systems and devices involved in industries of medical care, consumer elections, telecommunication, power, industry, automotive, lighting and aerospace.

They are actually delivered to OEM customers globally.

Their services are co-designing and co engineering, prototyping, electronics manufacturing, and assembly, box building, system integration, supply chain management.

Have equipped professional design team and engineering team.

They specialize in assisting customers in balancing between performance and cost so to achieve the highest efficiency in manufacturing.

Offer customers shortcut to the lowest manufacturing cost through making modifications on their actual design files without expected functions reduced.

Proficient in turning concept into genuine products at high speed with consumer’s ideas accurately explained and released.

Rich experience in PCB fabricating.

Fig 5- China Has Rich Experience With Qualified Professionals In PCB Fabrication

China Has Rich Experience With Qualified Professionals   In PCB Fabrication

Which Services Do EMS Providers Offer?

Some of these services include:

Co-designing And Co-engineering-

They offer a team that specializes in design and engineering to help assist customers when in doubt or unable to decide.


Because this is the basis of designing the final product, it is important to verify objectives of projects.

This is in order to reduce the time of production and risks of costly correction in later stages is avoided.

Electronic Manufacturing-

It contains mostly PCB fabrication, electronic assembly, system integration.

On PCB fabrication they manufacture fabrics such as blind/buried Vias, kapton tape, gold fingers.

Electronic assembly-implements one stop automatic electronic assembly line ranging from paste printing, components mounting , reflow soldering up to test inspection.

System integration and test this where they test the electronic and inspect for any problems.

Quality control-it is covered in all stages of manufacturing, certifications and standards must be adhered to here.

Box Build

This is associated with material selection and all kinds of box materials for products ranging from plastics, stainless steel, mild steel and other metals.

Supply Chain Management

It is associated with quality guarantee and smooth manufacturing.

This is besides distribution and each component is passed through series of standard   inspections before they go to manufacturing line.

NPI (New Product Introduction).

An effective way to flourish creative ideas and quickly convert it into reality thing.

Customers requirement and eagerness to win benefit, should co designed, prototype, test, inspect, build box and market.

So that the end product will be manufactured.

Testing; components  should be tested on every production line to avoid mistakes or errors in the components.

This is to ensure components at end of manufacturing is okay to be used with no problems whatsoever.

Which PCB Assembly Techniques Do EMS Service Providers Use?

Some of the most common assembly techniques include:

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) –

It was originally called planar mounting.

It involves mounting components to surface of PCB rather than insertion through a hole board as with the through –hole assembly.

The assembler usually solders the components into parts on the boards.

Then, undergoes inspection to see if there is any issues then components is placed on the board.

Through Hole Technology

This technology involves mounting components but inserting their leads through holes drilled in the board.

The leads are then soldered into place on the opposite side of the board.

Through hole Technology components are hand soldered typically or wave soldered in PCB assembly or production line.


Deal with the manufacturer of very small semi-conductor component that include flip chips and chip on board devices.

Flip chips are integrated circuits that connect to circuit externally by the use of solder bumps that is deposited on the chip.

What Determined The Cost Of Hiring EMS Service Provider?

Electronic design- designing will be the most expensive stage depending on the type of design.

If it’s simpler or complicated this determines the cost   of hiring.

The experience an EMS provider has in the industry determines the cost of hiring.

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