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What's Venture PCB Sulution?

You will get the most valuable PCB services from us and we are confident in our great cost performance.
With our excellent production cost and quality control, we will greatly save costs for our partners.

Venture PCB Sulution
What's our Capabilities

What's our Capabilities

We offer all varieties of material types including PTFE, high speed/low loss, high temperature, low CTE lead-free types, etc.
We also offer RF/digital hybrid construction, combination surface finishes, stacked/staggered solid copper-flled micro vias, foam-bonded structures and numerous surface finishes, including ENIPIG,ENIG, HASL, Sn/Pb reflow, silver, and tin.

Engineer Service

We always provide PCB design with strong manufacturability. Venture PCB provide PCB engineering solutions that facilitate optimization of every stage of the manufacturing cycle from manufacturing, assembly, testing, delivery to service. Venture PCB upholds the following design principle.
Cost-effectiveness,security,compliance, time to market, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Engineer Service

Your Best Custom PCB Solution Supplier and Partner

Custom Pcb Solution

When you design a custom PCB, you have control of the location of every piece of copper down to a few thousandths of an inch. This control allows you to more easily mitigate parasitic properties of your circuits.

Venture is your trusted custom PCB solution, supplier and partner. We can able to design your custom PCB at affordable and friendly rates.

Youur Leading Custom PCB Solution Design Supplier in China

Venture custom PCB has a great and simply looks more professional. However, a custom PCB will significantly affect the perception of your product in the eyes of clients and investors. .

One of the good thing about this custom PCBs is that often require less re-work than an electronics assembly that’s been built by hand due to their inherent superior reliability.

Custom Pcb Solution

Venture is a full-service provider of Custom PCB Solutions. We specialize in design engineering and PCB Assembly to solve the most demanding applications.

OEMs count on our design engineering and operations team for a wide range of highly sophisticated applications.

Quality is a central part of our business. We recognize that the highest quality standards in manufacturing are vital to our customers.

Custom Pcb Solution

By utilizing world-class quality management systems and practices, you have confidence in our ability to meet their compliance, reliability, and budgetary requirements.

In addition, Venture is so confident in the superior quality and performance of our controls. Venture is can be your great partner and custom PCB provider.

Custom Pcb Solution

Venture will always fulfill your any custom PCB needs. If you have questions and interests in venture’s custom PCB or any PCBs products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Send us your queries. Our team will give you immediate feedback on your next orders

Custom PCB Solution: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


I know you’re probably wondering what custom PCB solution is good for you or not.

Or, you want to learn vital aspects of custom PCB solution.

Well, this guide will take you through every aspect of this PCB fabrications process.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Should You Opt For Custom PCB Solution?

Fig 1- Custom PCB Solution

Custom PCB Solution

The following are some of the core reasons why custom PCB solution can be preferred;

Technical Advantages

Designing custom PCB solution has a technical advantage as you have control over the entire circuit on the board.

When designed, there is control on every piece of copper that has been used down to an inch of few thousandths.

Having an entire control on the designed circuit allows parasitic properties to be easily handled and mitigated on the circuit.

Improves The Appearance And Device Perception

The custom PCB solution looks more of professionalism.

Custom PCB solution looks more appealing to the eyes of clients and investors thus creating a great irreversible perception about it.

It is a good idea to make it custom unlike having the perception of some engineers who do not value the way something looks.

Customs PCBs’ Quality

Custom PCB quality is always of high quality since the manufacturers’ bear in the minds that they need to improve the product or perish.

The pressure on the manufacturers making the boards is relevant because they know if they do not deliver, they will fail.

Quality is presented as the manufacturer has to keep at pace with the current trends in materials, methods and technology.

They Have A Better Turn Around

Custom PCB solutions can be created so quick by the manufacturers which can help your business never to be left hanging.

Less Expensive

Basing on their sizes and design simplicity, custom PCB solutions can be produced in large masses hence lowering the production cost.

A custom manufacturer has the right technological expertise and equipment to produce any PCB design at an affordable cost.


Having the prototype quality tested, tight and a rigid connection between the components and the boards makes them reliable.

Automated Production

By making the whole production process of custom PCB automated, increases the precision, quality and accuracy.

Also, custom PCB design can be engineered to curtail requirements of replacement, servicing and installation.

Are There Limitations Of Custom PCB Solutions?

Yes, there are limitations of custom PCB solutions.

Some of the limitations of using custom PCB solutions include the following;

The custom PCB solution requires initial design period and tooling.

It is hard to revise it on multiple times.

When the amperage is high, the custom PCB is likely going to be ruined.

Troubleshooting can be made difficult due to the enclosures that bare used to guard the PCB from the working environment.

Custom PCB solution’s technology keeps on changing which can lead to expensive repair or replacement.

Is Custom PCB Solutions Good For Startups?

Yes, a custom PCB solution is good for startups.

The following reasons make it worth to be considered for a startup.

Lower Costs

During PCB manufacturing, overhead costs are so crucial thus niche companies reduce the upfront costs of investment meaningfully.

Startup companies attempting to produce their own boards find it more costly as they need to have appropriate technology, labour and equipment.

Additionally, with a prototype PCB company, it is possible when it comes in refining a design at an affordable cost.

Niche Services

Companies providing PCB prototyping are very much aware of the market trends, developments and they understand compliance.

Working with them during your startup, it gives an opportunity to relate with other businesses which offer niche services and experience in that part

Quicker Turnaround

Experienced companies know how to meet their deadlines and demands particularly when the startup companies rely on them.

With the presence of a prototype service, a record speed can be achieved when going from concept to prototype.

Fig 2 - Start Ups Benefit From A Greater Turn Around Time With Custom PCB Solution

Start Ups Benefit From A Greater Turn Around Time With Custom PCB Solution

Who Can Benefit From Custom PCB Solution?

Startups and already established companies are likely to benefit from the custom PCB solutions in the following ways;

Technical Expertise

A client is going to count on a robust design that is of high efficiency since it has been attended to by professionals.


With custom PCB solutions, reliability is guaranteed as the company with the prototype does great services to the clients.

The services include; they oversee every aspect of the product, from researching, developing and production to end life.


Custom PCB solutions guarantees qualities since the companies have strict systems of auditing at each stage of PCB development.


Low costs of production are witnessed as the startups will not need to buy equipment, acquire technology and hire experts.

Which Services Constitute Custom PCB Solution?

·       PCB Design And Layout

It constitutes the custom PCB solution since there is need to come up with a desired design and layout before the production process begins.

It involves having the desired design concept block diagram drawn on paper which is then developed into schematic designs.

It is developed into schematic designs using computer aided design software.

The systematic design entails net connections between the symbols and component symbols.

The layout phase is where parameter settings to the board are done, outline of the board, component placing and document of production is generated.

·       PCB Prototype Development

The PCB prototype development service is a core stage and constituent to the custom PCB solution.

This is because, in custom PCB solution, we tend to use a manufacturer with an already developed prototype to help in the production process.

Therefore, for us to have or develop a custom PCB solution, we need to use an existing prototype that has been already developed.

The developed prototype helps in the design selection of the custom PBC solution.

·       PCB Assembly Process

The PCB assembly process is a constituent of the custom PCB solution.

Companies dealing with the assembly of PCB need the initial design file of the PCB which helps them to know the design specifications.

Through the assembly process, the PCB file can be checked for any errors that might affect the functionality of the PCB.

The process is essential since it allows the company to check the products specifications.

·       PCB Quality Inspection Services

Quality inspection services of a PCB is a constituent of the custom PCB solution since the right quality standards of a product should be adhered to.

The quality checks on the product are done at every stage of manufacturing to ensure that they are getting rid of errors likely to occur.

The services are important during the entire development process as they allow for only correct standards of products getting produced.

·       PCB Component Selection

Custom PCB solution constitutes PCB component selection.

Being the first task of the process of product development, the chosen components should be of compatibility.

The components should be properly integrated to ensure that the device is meeting its overall requirements of functionality.

To ensure the development goes on as scheduled, you to check the component availability during the PCB design.

Early component checks prevent the delay of manufacturing and costs on bridge buys.

·       Turnkey PCB Services

Turnkey PCB services can relate with the custom PCB solutions when the whole PCB process of development is done.

All aspects of the PCB solutions in this case will be handled by the supplier who is to supply the fully done products to the clients.

The goods are going to be sold to the buyer but the supplier will take care of the PCB solutions.

Therefore, turnkey PCB services are a constituent of the custom PCB solutions.

·       Value Added Services On PCB

The company provides value added services on PCB and at the same time providing an end to end solutions PCB that you may need.

The value added services on PCB that the company provides include PCB procurements, assembly, design, technical writing and firmware.

Also, the company provides test engineering, training and much more as value added services on PCB.

Moreover, domestic and off shore PCB procurement services are provided which ensures that the clients have got what they want at fair prices.

·       Free DFM Evaluation.

The company provides free DFM evaluation checks to ensure that the product has been well developed and produced without any errors.

Free DFM services are like the PCB design checks where any possible issue that is hindering the manufacture and fabrication is detected.

In case of any discovered issues, the engineering team reports the customer about the issues found.

They also offer recommendations that they think they might solve the problem in a best way.

After resolving of the issues, the fabrication of PCB solutions is arranged accordingly.

Fig 3- PCB Design And Layout As Well As Assembly Are Among The Services That Make Up Custom PCB Solution

PCB Design And Layout As Well As Assembly Are Among The Services That Make Up Custom PCB Solution

Is Custom PCB Solution Same As OEM PCB Services?

No, custom PCB solution is not the same as the OEM PCB services.

The OEM PCB services mainly focus on producing specific orders of the Printed Circuit Board that have been placed by the customers.

How Do You Choose Material For Custom PCB Solution?

Choosing material for custom PCB solution is based on mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties of the material.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties of a material are to be observed which covers aspects like form factor management and enclosure.

Also, other aspects such as the material’s density, flexibility for rigid flex boards should be considered.

Electrical Properties

The electric properties are always more involved with dielectric necessities inclusion like signal integrity and impedance.

Also, resistance is another aspect that should be looked upon as the design engineer has to balance it across the system.

The selected material should be one that can accommodate high frequencies of a range between 500MHz – 2GHz.

The boards selected need to pass high power currents thus they require thicker copper and wider traces which can dissipate high temperatures effectively.

Thermal Properties

Here, the engineer needs to look at the temperature durability of the components that are durable.

Also, the peak operating temperature distribution should be considered and observed throughout the circuit design.

Chemical Properties

Longevity of the product can be achieved when certain chemical properties like flammability and moisture absorption have been looked upon.

PCB Materials

Some of the most common PCB materials include:

Isola PCB

Taconic PCB

Arlon PCB

Nelco PCB


Teflon PTFE


Fig 4 - A PCB Material made From Isola

A PCB Material Made From Isola

Is There Maximum Number Of Layers You Accept Custom PCB Solution Services?

Yes, there are a maximum number of layers I accept for custom PCB solution services.

The maximum number of layers is at 16 layers.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Custom PCB Solution Provider?

Some of the considerations include:

Product Quality

Quality needs to be given a priority when selecting a PCB service provider.

Factors that determine quality of a PCB include high speed communication lines, higher conductivity, high density design and durability.

By the PCB has the qualities, it qualifies to be of great quality.


The PCB solution provider needs to have and comply with what the certifications specify.


Before acquiring the product, the client needs to validate the price of the PCB against its quality for them not to have something not worth.


You need to ensure that the manufacturer has experience in developing PCBSs before trying out.

Experienced manufacturers have the sense of professionalism as they are able to keep at pace with the new design trends and technologies.

Support Of Customers

The solution provider should be one that is ready and willing to accommodate suggestions from customers and technical discussions.

Through that, it improves good relations with customers and also builds trust among the two parties hence success in the products.

Which Types Of Printed Board Circuits Do You Work With In Your Custom PCB Solution?

Some of these PCBs include:

·       Rigid PCB

This is PCB that is made of a solid substrate material that can efficiently stop the alteration of the circuit board.

For instance, the most common rigid PCB is the motherboard of a computer.

It has multilayers which are designed to distribute power from the supply at the same time allowing communication among computer components.

Rigid PCB can be used in any location where the PCB itself wants to set a shape and persevered in the entire equipment life.

Rigid PCBs range from single layers to multi layers.

·       Flexible PCB

Like other PCBs, they are also part of the interconnection and electronics family.

Flexible PCB consists of a thin film of insulating polymer which has circuit patterns that are conductive.

Also, they are supplied with a thin coating polymer which has the function of protecting the conductor circuits.

It is the most used mode of interconnection that is used currently since it is used to manufacturer most advanced electronics.

Fig 5- A Flexible Printed Circuit Board

A Flexible Printed Circuit Board

·       Rigid Flex PCB

It consists of flexible materials together with the rigid ones.

Incorporation is by layering flexible substrates inside the rigid board materials which eventually merges the flexibility of the flexible circuits.

Flexibility of the flexible circuits is merged with the strength, stability and circuit routing densities of the rigid PCBs.

The possibility makes it possible for more spectrums that are complex and mechanically challenging designs to be produced.

The PCBs provides electrical designers with increased performance and reliability.

Fig 6- Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board

Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board

·       Metal Core PCB

It is a type of PCB that consists of a metal material as its base for the heat spreader portion of the board.

The metal being used here is always thick and it can be either copper or aluminum which covers one side of the PCB.

A core metal can be placed either in the middle or in the back of the board.

The function of the core metal is to redirect heat from critical components and to less area that are crucial.

Base metals in this PCB can be used instead of CEM3 boards and FR4 boards.

·       Single Sided PCB

With this type of PCB, it contains only a single layer of copper that is above the substrate.

The components are then mounted on a single side of the board and the complete fixed circuit is able to be seen on the adjacent side of the board.

The PCB tends to take large volumes of space since there is a single conducting layer which cannot overlap.

It is less costly compared to the other types of PCBs.

·       Double Sided PCB

Components and conductive copper can be mounted on both sides of a circuit board thus allowing the traces cross on each other.

The result is that a higher density of the circuit is achieved without the need of soldering.

With double sided PCBs, manufacturers are able to produce numerous complex circuits thus benefiting high tech electronics and applications.

The double sided PCB can be used amplifiers, lighting systems, vehicle dashboards and vending machines.

·       Single Layer PCB

This is a type of PCB that is made with a single conducting layer material on one side while the other side is for incorporating components.

Mostly, the single layer PCB is widely used in the PCB designs where there is need to achieve low costs of production.

·       Multilayer PCB

This is a PCB with more than one layer thus providing a larger surface area for wiring.

The boards are made by combination of double layered PCBs but they are separated with insulating materials.

Multilayer PCB has numerous benefits that include; higher density assembly, increased levels of flexibility, interconnection wiring is reduced.

Also, it is considered to save space and much more.

Fig 7- Multi Layer PCBs

Multi Layer PCBs

In Your Custom PCB Solution, How Do You Determine MOQ?

The MOQ in my custom PCB solution is determined through the following ways stepwise;

Forecasting the demand

Coming up with a scenario planning

After scenario planning, the volume discount calculations are done.

Lastly, having an inventory carrying cost done hence a decision can be made on the lowest quantity that works well with the company.

Do You Send Samples During Custom PCB Solution?

Yes, I send samples to the clients during custom PCB Solution.

Does Your Custom PCB Solution Include Product Certification?

Yes, my custom PCB solution includes product certifications which are;

UL – the certification shows that the company, processes and systems are of the correct standards.

ITAR – this is a set of regulations which governs and regulates the export and re-export of controlled commodities, technologies and services.

RoHS – the certification shows that the product does not contain any hazardous substance in it thus making it acceptable everywhere in the world.

ISO certification – this is a certification which shows that the company is running on international standards.

The standards have been developed and published by the international Organization for Standardization.

Which Quality Testing Procedures Do You Use In Your Custom PCB Solution?

The quality testing procedures that I use in custom PCB solution include;

  • In-circuit testing
  • Flying probe testing
  • Automated optical inspections
  • Burn-in testing
  • x-ray inspections
  • Functional testing

Which PCB Surface Finishes Do Apply In Your Custom PCB Solution Service?

Some of the PCB surface finishes I do apply on the custom PCB solution include;

  • Lead – free HASL
  • Immersion silver
  • Immersion tin
  • Hot air solder level
  • Electroless nickel immersion gold
  • Electrolytic wire bondable gold

Does Custom PCB Solution Involve Packaging?

Yes, custom PCB solution involves packaging.

For all your custom PCB solution, contact Venture now.

We support OEM services at affordable prices.

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