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 copper plating

Copper is one of the best electrical conductors. A layer of copper offers an excellent electrical conductivity to many components. As a result, copper plating is used in both the electrical as well as electronics industries. As copper is a soft metal, it can be applied to metal parts that require some flexibility.

Venture is the best and professional copper plating manufacturer. We can offer you for the best price of our copper plating.

Your Leading Copper Plating Supplier in China

Venture copper plating is an electro-chemical process, in which a layer of copper is deposited on the metallic surface of a solid through the use of electric current.

In the process of our copper plating, copper sulphate acts as an electrolyte, copper wire dipped in electrolyte works as an anode and an iron rod to be plated is dipped in electrolyte and connected externally as a cathode.

This copper plating provides excellent wear and corrosion protection of nickel-plated steel parts as an under-coating. As an under-plate it provides an effective barrier between base material and subsequent metal deposits.

 copper plating

Venture copper plating is being applied to fully cleaned as well as pickled steel products, such as steel wire, by the process of electro deposition. The copper layer protects the coated sections against diffusion of carbon or cementation within the sections.

It can provide you with the best benefits because it provides valuable corrosion protection, improves wear resistance of the surface and it has excellent adhesion to most base metals.

 copper plating

If you are planning to use copper plating Venture is the best place to count. We manufacture the highest quality of copper plating and you can avail this at affordable prices.

We are equipped with certified operators and advanced equipment to support thousands of devices. We use the latest method just to provide you the best product.

 copper plating

Venture is an experienced manufacturer of copper plating. This product has best features and enhance its usability and its durability.

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