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Contract Manufacturing

Venture is the prime contract manufacturing in China for over 10 years. Venture is the best company that grant any customer’s requirement. We have contract manufacturing to do more and provide a solution. Aside from that, contract manufacturing can manufacture one component product. It specializes in services in circuit boards and electronics manufacturing. 

Your Leading Contract PCB Supplier in China

Contract manufacturing helps you with development and research. Also, they suggest improving design and assembly material alternatives. 

Choosing a better and satisfaction material for your fabrication is quite hard, but great news since Venture has a solution for you.

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Your Best Contract PCB Manufacturer

As contract manufacturing experts, we can do fabrication and customization. Contract manufacturing is applicable in some applications. Venture can provide you a better solution for your needs. Also, we offer here a one-stop solution at an affordable price. Whatever your requirement and inquiry are, Venture can guarantee you to meet that. 

As we are certified ISO 9001, CE, and SGS, we can assure the quality and services we have. Your requirement for customizing and fabrication will be our priority. At Venture, you can find the best product and services for your business. Venture is your supreme partner and fabricator in China.

Why Choose Venture Contract PCBs

At Venture, you can feel sit back and relax with our contract manufacturing service. Since we handle your project from start to finish and also identify flaws. We can provide you satisfying products and services at affordable prices. As a professional contract manufacturing, we can ship worldwide and deliver products.

Send us your inquiries with our contract manufacturing services!

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Contract Manufacturing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects of contract manufacturing.

So, if you have any questions on contract manufacturing for PCBs, you will find the answer right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Contract Manufacturing Of PCBs?

This is when a firm outsources PCB manufacturing requirements from a Contract Manufacturer to produce the PCB components or the final product.

All the specifications of manufacture are based on the designs and requirements of the hiring firm.

 The PCB Designs ANd Specifications Are Provided By The Hiring Firm

The PCB Designs Or Specifications Are Provided By The Hiring Firm

Why Should You Opt For A Contract Manufacturer For Your PCB?

 i. When You Require Accuracy And A Very High Production Speed

An excellent and quality product with minimum lead time are two crucial requirements for success in PCB assembly.

With technology well advanced together with facilities, contract PCB manufacturers are experienced, knowledgeable and trusted.

This gives the assurance of high quality PCBs and reduced lead times. The experts offer guidance on testing the PCBs thus avoiding further malfunctions.

 ii. When You Want A PCB One-stop-shop

This is arguably a very essential benefit of seeking a contract PCB manufacturer.

End-to-end solutions for every PCB fabrication requirements can be offered by companies that are highly experienced from ideation, installation and any other process after.

This will save the hustle of reaching out to different companies for different PCB components to be assembled.

They take the responsibly of handling all the processes from designing the PCB to the production stage.

Supply chain logistics is also guaranteed by the contract manufacturer which is always a challenge for various manufacturers of electronic parts in the industry.

iii. When Minimum Design Time Is Required

The designing time for PCBs is always a major concern for various manufacturers of electronic components.

This is due to the fact that the assembly and fabrication process of the PCB needs time.

It is based on the number of layers, its complexity, number of components in addition to other factors.

Contract manufacturers easily overcome such difficulties and other design challenges. This is because they have the necessary expertise, experience and advanced technology.

iv. When operational costs need to be lowered and production improved

Startups and small electronic firms sometimes make huge capital investments hence it is a big deal to them.

The surest way of keeping the operating costs low is by affiliating with contract manufacturers.

Their time to market is guaranteed to improve and the sales volumes increased.

What Value Added Services Can Contract Manufacturer For PCB offer?

Some of the value added services that contract manufacturers can offer beside the agreed contracted work may include;

  • Mechanical and Electronic Designing and fabricating
  • Assembly of PCBs
  • Specialized PCB reworks
  • Installation and replacement PCB components
  • Box building and panel assembly
  • Replacement and removal of BGA
  • Custom modification of PCBs
  • Final PCB product assembly and packaging

 PCB Assembly Can Be Done by The Contract Manufacturer

PCB Assembly Can Be Done By The Contract Manufacturer

What Factors Are Considered When Choosing A Contract Manufacturer For Your PCB?

Besides customer demand, the PCB industry is additionally driven by innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Choosing the appropriate contract manufacturer for the specific needs of a company requires critical evaluation.

Some factors to consider include;

Their Quality Control

It is based on the company’s requirements for PCB and the products intended market.

You may possibly require an Electronic Manufacturing Services partner with precise industry certifications in line with the PCB industry regulations.

Safety concerns are the main reason why industry regulations are enforced and companies sometimes have challenges complying.

The best contract manufacturer will guarantee that the PCB meets or surpasses the industry standards required.

Turnaround Time

Regardless of where a PCB is going to be applied, its turnaround time is very crucial for its general success.

Time-to-market is connected directly to the turnaround time hence having a significance in the success of a company.

Inquiries should be made to find out if standard turn-around time for other PCBs is same as your project.

It is wise to also ask if project can be expedited and the procedure.

Partnerships with contract manufacturers should be based on open communication and trust.

A good relationship will avoid delays due to a good time-to-market efficiency therefore gaining the company a market advantage.

Acceptance Quality Level Or Yield Rate

Manufacturing a tangible PCB is insufficient if its quality is questionable.

It is therefore very crucial to question any potential contract manufacturer about their yield rates for PCBs and quality standards.

The AQL shows the largest number of faulty parts before rejecting a batch.

It also designates the minimum tolerable level of quality in a predetermined sample size.

Is Contract Manufacturing For PCB Cost Effective?

It is very cost effective compared to self-manufacturing.

Running and maintaining manufacturing facilities in-house is very costly in terms of operation costs especially for startups and small firms.

The indirect and direct overhead costs are many such as staff, equipment, materials used and the storage.

A contract manufacturer will ensure that heavy investment is not put on infrastructure while giving high quality PCBs which are cost efficient.

Can Using Contract Manufacturer Affect The Product Quality Of PCB?

Using a Contract Manufacturer does not in any way affect the PCBs product quality.

On the contrary, the quality is highly improved.

Some of the benefits are full access to extremely skilled personnel with technology that is exceptionally advanced.

They also offer specialized product improvement expertise.

In addition to that, a Contract Manufacturer who is ISO-certified will make sure that the PCB process is done in strict accordance to both national and international quality standards.

products From Contract Manufacturers Are Made JUsing Skilled Labour And Advanced Technology

Products Made From Contract Manufacturer Are Made By Skilled Personnel using Advanced Technology

What Kind Of Engineering Resources Should A Contract Manufacturer For PCBs Have?

  1. Test Engineer responsible for enhancing fixtures and test strategies
  2. Design Engineers who will review the project and any changes on the circuit
  3. Documentation control team who draw updates and any PCB changes
  4. Component Engineer who fit or replace and test all PCB components
  5. Layout engineers who change and review design for manufacturability of PCBs

How Does Contract Manufacturing Of PCBs Compare To Toll Manufacturing?

They are often confused but are different types of manufacturing models. Contract Manufacturing is when a firm outsources PCB manufacturing requirements from a Contract Manufacturer to produce the PCB components or the final product.

Toll Manufacturing is when a manufacturer having specific machinery processes resources into a product that a client firm requires.

The client firm in Toll manufacturing supplies all the materials that are then taken through the process of production by the Toll Manufacturer

 In Toll Manufacturing The Client Supplies Materials For The manufacture Of products

In Toll Manufacturing The Client Supplies Materials For The Manufacture Of Products

What Should You Focus On When Getting A Quote From A Contract Manufacturer Of PCBs?

To quickly and accurately acquire a quote from Contract Manufacture for your PCB, detailed focus should be put on the above areas;

Bill Of Materials

One of the things a contract manufacturer will ask for upon contact will be the Bill of Materials or BOM.

This is a detailed list that contains the raw materials to be used, the components involved and other vital information for the manufacturing of the PCB.

This assists in identifying a sanctioned list of Contract Manufacturers and a comparison done on the PCB materials and components.

It should be presented in a non-editable form to restrict unsanctioned changes.

PCB Testing

The contract manufacturer should avail a wide range of options for PCB testing.

The preferred testing procedure should be indicated to the contract manufacturer to be performed on the PCB assembly.

Other unique requirements that can be included are:

  • Conformal coating
  • ITAR
  • Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances
  • Lot tracking

Inspection Requirements

Besides PCB testing, any other inspection requirement by the PCB has to be shared.

Some of the inspection techniques offered by various Contract Manufacturers include Flying Probe Tests, X-rays and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

Most PCBs have to reach a certain standard during manufacture be it IPC-regulated or Industry specific.

The Contract Manufacturer should be informed early enough of the standards required to be met by your PCB.

Quantities And Release Sizes

The exact details of the quantities of PCB and their release sizes should also be included. Such information includes;

  • Order quantity
  • Delivery date of the first PCB batch
  • Amount of PCB product you intend to purchase in the following 12 months or the approximate annual usage.

What Is A PCB Contract Manufacturing Agreement?

This is a document that defines the legal relationship between the PCB seller and the manufacturer producing the PCB.

It states all the aspects of the production process and each party’s responsibility.

These aspects widely vary depending on the capability of the manufacturer and the requirements of the seller.

Issues that have to be agreed on in the agreement include but not limited to;

  • The delivery timeframes
  • Design responsibility and other production elements
  • The number of PCB products anticipated for delivery

The Agreement also outlines quality expectations and the acceptable structures of supply chain. It gives guidance on the steps to be taken in the event of a dispute that would normally have;

  • Responsibilities when the dispute is being handled
  • Chances of solving it using mediation
  • Contract termination point

What Are The PCB Testing Methods Contract Manufacturer Use After Completing An Order?

Reputable Contract Manufacturers always offer a range of PCB testing processes. These testing methods are very vital in the PCB manufacturing process.

X-ray Inspection

This inspection is also known as the AXI. It is more of an inspection tool for most Contract Manufacturers.

An X-ray technician is able to detect flaws promptly during this test by viewing the barrels, internal traces and the PCBs solder connections.

Elements that are normally concealed from sight can easily be checked by X-ray testing.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Photos of the PCB are taken either by a two 3D cameras or a single 2D camera.

A comparison is then made between the PCBs detailed schematics and its photos from the cameras.

If a schematic doesn’t match the boards photos to a certain degree, then an inspection technician flags the board.

Issues can be detected in advance using AOI to ensure immediate shutdown of production.

However, the board is not powered by the AOI and does not have total coverage of all the part types.

Automated Optical Inspection Test For PCB

Automated Optical Inspection PCB Testing Method

In-circuit Testing / Bed-of-nails Test

This is the most vigorous PCB testing type present.

It is very expensive but the cost depends on fixture size, the board among other factors.

The individual board circuitry is powered and actuated by the ICT.

This test is usually 85-90% human error-free.

Bed Of Nails PCB Test

Bed Of Nails Test

Burn-in Testing

This is a very extreme testing type for PCBs. Its purpose is to notice initial failures and find the load capacity.

The strength of burn-in testing normally destroys the parts being tested on the PCB.

This type of test usually shortens the PCBs lifespan especially if the boards rated stress is exceeded.

The testing limit is reduced if a few or no failures are found after a brief period of time to evade over-stressing of the PCB.

Flying Probe Test

This test option is less expensive compared to in-circuit testing.

This test is non-powered and checks for diode issues, opens in the PCB circuit, capacitance, shorts, inductances and resistance.

This test uses a probe with needles attached to it on an x-y grid gotten from Computer Aided Design.

The contract manufacturer has programs that synchronize to equal the PCB for the program to run.

 Fly probe PCB Testing

Fly Probe PCB testing

Functional Testing

Some customers have a preference of the old-functional test. The Contract Manufacturer utilizes this to confirm that the PCB will power up.

Requirements for this test include;

  • External equipment pieces
  • Requirements for industry standards
  • Fixtures

The customer normally provides the functional test and any other parameters used.

Some Contract Manufacturers can assist in developing and designing this kind of test.

This may not be a preferred choice if the PCB product needs to get out of the manufacturer quickly because it takes a lot of time.

But for purposes of longevity and quality, this test saves money and saves the company’s face.

What Are The Advantages Of Contract Manufacturing For PCBs?

Some of the advantages include:

Accurate Cost Estimates

Contract Manufacturing enables one to know the exact amount one should put aside in their budget for the whole PCB manufacturing process.

A detailed estimate of the cost is given up-front.

Unexpected delays or costs are less likely to occur since the contract manufacturer knows the projects exact cost.

They also know the amount of time taken at each stage based on their experience with past projects.

High Quality Products

Contract Manufacturers have the required technology and expertise to create excellent PCB products.

The skills of expert engineers are applied combined with advanced equipment.

The PCB end product will be efficiently functional and better than own creations.


Contract Manufacturers usually negotiate viable for raw materials in bulk thus increasing production but at a minimum cost.

Production is thus scaled up without incurring more costs.

They also maintain a comprehensive log of the customer’s preferences in PCB manufacture. This enables them to rapidly scale the production up or down when the need arises.

Reduced Cost

There is no need to pump capital on infrastructure, PCB designers and other skilled manpower.

The overhead costs are greatly reduced thereby increasing the return on investment (ROI).

Industry-specific Solutions

Experienced Contract Manufacturers have a variety of specialized skilled professionals who ensure a niche is found with innovative design results.

Contract Manufacturers for specific PCBs can easily be found and they can refine designs due to heir years of experience in the same field.

Faster Time-To-Market

Due to the availability of advanced manufacturing equipment and experienced staff, Contract Manufacturers can create PCB products very fast.

The PCB product can find its way to the market within a very short time.

What Are The Cons Of Contract Manufacturers For PCBs?

Some of the limitations include:

Difficult To Find Efficient Provider

Without researching properly, one could end up sourcing the wrong company.

Thorough research and vetting needs to be done in order to find the most appropriate Contract Manufacturer who fulfills the precise needs.

Unreliable Contract Manufacturers may take time and deliver faulty PCBs.

Loss Of Control

The Contract Manufacturer normally takes full control of the process of manufacturing PCBS. Critical knowledge around production techniques may be lost in the process of relinquishing control.

Problems cannot be troubleshot in production if there is no supervision.

Significant points of the PCB project should be properly assessed after production.

Intellectual Property Risk

Intellectual property may be stolen since outsourcing a Contract Manufacturer means very many people will have access to the intellectual property.

It may be leaked and used or misused elsewhere.

The contract manufacturer may also potentially be your own competition using your intellectual property or modifying it.

Communication Gap

Poor communication between a Contract Manufacturer and client may cause a variety of problems like;

  • Unrealistic timelines
  • Capacity qualification misunderstandings
  • Transition plan not set

What Is The Cost Model For A PCB Contract Manufacturer?

Contract Manufacturers use the ‘cost-plus’ model to bill their clients.

This means that they give an approximation of how much it will cost to manufacture a PCB including materials and manpower to satisfy the requirements.

The contract manufacturer’s profit margin is then factored in to bring a total sum that is submitted to the client.

The client then decides if it is viable to contract out the PCB production or retain producing on their own.

With mass production, it will make sense to contract out due to the contract manufacturers specialist workforce and their accessibility to bulk materials.

What Is The Importance Of Contract Manufacturing PCBs?

Firms have various reasons for utilizing Contract Manufacturing although the most important reason is always to reduce cost.

Contract Manufacturing allows firms with little great economies of scale and low overhead costs to be used by organizations for their PCB manufacturing.

However, besides cost, other different reasons for Contract manufacturing include access to advanced technology, a favorable return on resources, faster lead times and many more.

Just like any other business decision, contract manufacturing involves both risks and chances and they must be weighed to make an informed decision.

Is The Intellectual Property At Risk When Using A Contract Manufacturer For Your PCB?

Intellectual property may be stolen since outsourcing a Contract Manufacturer means very many people will have access to the intellectual property.

It may be leaked and used or misused elsewhere.

The contract manufacturer may also potentially be your own competition using your intellectual property or modifying it.

How Does Contract Manufacturing Of PCBs Maximize Profits?

This is the greatest advantage of contract manufacturing, maximizing profits.

A firm has time to focus on other tasks by outsourcing a contract manufacturer for its PCB manufacture.

It would take a firm ages to match the competence and skillset of accomplished contract manufacturers and not mention the capital investment involved.

Under contract manufacturing, a firm outsources its production process to contract manufacturers.

Such manufacturers are highly skilled and with advanced production technologies.

They manufacture very high quality PCBs with decreasing expenses.

This ensures a firm delivers high quality products to their customers.

What Are The Forms Of Contract Manufacturing Of PCBs?

They may include:

  1. Using the equipment and facilities of the Contract Manufacturer
  2. Producing parts of an end product
  3. Full-scale production
  4. Contracting manpower

Who Can Use Contract Manufacturing Of PCBs?

Contract Manufacturing is widely applied in many industries and different sizes of business. Large companies usually utilize this especially in the electronic industry where it has become an integral part of the workflow.

On the other hand, startups also use contract manufacturers to produce PCBs in large volumes that they lack the ability to support.

Contracting out the PCB manufacture allows the startups to scale without necessarily capitalizing in a factory.

Or, investing in the manpower and machines required for PCB production.

Contract Manufacturing Of PCB can Be Applied To Industries Of Various Sizes

Contract manufacturing Of PCB Can be Applied To Industries Of Various Sizes

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