Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly

Benefits of PCB Contract Manufacturing

Conscription the services of a company for PCB Contract Manufacturing offers many advantages over in-house processing. In generally, flexibility, reduced costs, and its access to external expertise are introduced when PCB Contract Manufacturing is utilized.

In situations where high volume production is necessary, time is saved, accuracy is increased and cost savings are realized.

Benefits of PCB Contract Manufacturing
Applications of PCB

Applications of PCB’s produced in Contract Manufacturing?

Printed Circuit Boards are utilized in many technological applications. PCB Contract Manufacturing could be divided into three aspects: general electronics, dedicated service electronics, and high reliability electronics.

PCB Contract Manufacturing is essential for high reliability electronics that includes professional and industrial equipment, weapons systems, and life support systems.

These commercial and military applications demands a finished product where there is no tolerance for downtime or failure of technology and where guaranteed performance is paramount and service is crucial.

Why choose Contract Production for your PCB assembly?

Our mission is building a long-standing partnerships with our customers, and our highly-experienced engineering staff assess all incoming data to make sure the best yield and fit for our manufacturing process.

Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation within our industry for producing high-quality, reliable and competitively-priced electronic assemblies.

Our commitment to providing ongoing investment in our production facilities, staff development and process equipment, make sure that we remain at the forefront of electronic manufacturing. We are able to offer you with the confidence of knowing that you have chosen to work with a secure, experienced and dedicated manufacturing partner.

Why choose Contract Production

Your Reliable Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly

Venture is the entrusted manufacturer of contract manufacturing PCB assembly in China for more than 10 years. As professionals, we have contract manufacturing PCB assembly services to increased technical sight, saves on costs, maximize profits, intellectual property risk, accuracy, and production speed.

Besides that, Venture has contract manufacturing PCB assembly services to have a one-stop-shop for PCB manufacturing, low operational expenses, easy component sourcing, low part cost, and save on design time. If you want to have these for your PCB assembly manufacturing, Venture is your right choice.

Your Leading Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly in China

Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly

Venture is your one-stop-shop for contract manufacturing PCB assembly in China. At Venture, you can get a very economical contract manufacturing PCB assembly services. When you choose contract manufacturing PCB assembly, you can increase technical sight, save on costs significantly, and maximize profits. The PCB design is one of the crucial factors in PCB assembly and fabrication. Also, the designs will fail to meet the purpose. But, Venture and the contract manufacturer will assist you to overcome design difficulties.

Our contract manufacturing PCB assembly can manufacture small or large sizes and shapes of LED board assemblies. It has a size that ranges from 18.11 inches wide and 47.24 inches long. Also, it has an available PCB length assembly capacity of 1200 mm. At Venture, these sizes and shapes will depend on your PCB assembly requirement. Our contract manufacturing PCB assembly services are suitable for your demand which can keep their operating expenses low. This is perfect for those who have lacked in the budget.

Venture offer accuracy and production speed. The contract manufacturing PCB assembly can assure short lead times and accuracy since we have advanced facilities.

After that, they will check and test the printed circuit boards to avoid malfunctioning. Aside from that, the contract manufacturing PCB assembly can assist you to have low cost in parts and components.

The contract manufacturing PCB assembly specialize economies of scale in services, raw materials procurement, industrial design expertise, and more. It has a high density with low to high volume capacity.

The contract manufacturing PCB assembly can reduce fixed capital investment, improved operational efficiencies, and production cost. At a Venture company, we will always make sure the customer’s happy and satisfied. Also, Venture is available 24/7 live sales and technical support.

Contact us now for your next contract manufacturing PCB assembly orders.

Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


I know you’re probably wondering what contract manufacturing PCB assembly entails.

Well, this guide explores everything you need to know about contract manufacturing.

You will know whether contract manufacturing is good for your or not.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly?

This is when a firm outsources PCB Assembly requirements from a Contract Manufacturer to assemble the PCB components to a final product.

All the assembly specifications are based on the requirements of the hiring firm.

A Contract Manufacturer Assembles PCB Parts To The Final Product

What Are The Benefits Of Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly?

Some of the benefits include:

Low Cost

Professional Contract Manufacturing PCB Assemblers utilize the assembly program before beginning the actual production.

This results in the reduction of errors and decreases the chances of delay.

Design errors can also be corrected using the assembly program and during production. This will generally lead to a significant decrease in the cost of production.

Reduced Chances Of Error

The process of assembling a PCB entails a thorough attention to detail. This is more enhanced on some circuit boards which are increasingly getting smaller.

Compared to manual assembly, the automated assembly greatly decreases the opportunities of errors occurring.

This means that the end product is very reliable and precise with minimal chances of spending on fixing the errors.

Consistent Quality

The major advantage offered by Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly companies is that the quality of assembled PCBs is ever consistent.

The availability of precise modern technology and professional manpower ensure the highest quality standards are achieved.

What Are The Automated Systems Used In Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly?

  1. Automatic Routing Machines
  2. Systems for Marking and labelling components and identification of PCB Assembly
  3. Soldering Systems for parts placement
  4. Pick-and-place machines used to place components on the PCB

Automated Inspection Of The PCB

 Automated Inspection Of The PCB

What Factors Are Considered When Choosing A Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firm?

Their Quality Control

Based on the company’s requirements for PCB Assembly and the products intended market, you may possibly require Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Partner with precise industry certifications in line with the PCB industry assembly regulations.

Safety concerns are the main reason why industry regulations are enforced and companies sometimes have challenges complying.

The best contract manufacturer will guarantee that the PCB assembly meets or surpasses the industry standards required.

Turnaround Time

Regardless of where a PCB assembly is going to be applied, its turnaround time is very crucial for its general success.

Time-to-market is connected directly to the turnaround time hence having a significance in the success of a company.

Inquiries should be made to find out if standard turn-around time for other PCBs is same as your project. It is wise to also ask if project can be expedited and the procedure.

Acceptance Quality Level Or Yield Rate

Assembling a tangible PCB is insufficient if its quality is questionable.

It is therefore very crucial to question any potential contract manufacturer about their yield rates for PCB assembly and quality standards.

Testing Protocols for PCB Assembly

A quality assembled PCB should undergo a robust testing protocols.

The kind of procedures used for testing assembled PCBs like automated optical inspection are some of the things to look for.

 What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of PCB Assembly By Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firms?

The main factors considered during cost analysis of PCB Assembly services include:

  • Number of layers and size of PCB: if the PCB board is large, then it will require more materials and components for the unit to be created. A high number of copper layers increases the cost of production.
  • Mounting Technology: Through-hole PCB units consume a lot of assembly time.

This is because physical human labor is required as compared to surface mount technology which is fully automated hence cheaper in terms of labor.

  • Order lead times: Arrangements can be done with the Assembly PCB Contract manufacturer to expedite orders but at an extra cost. This will also save costs when PCB Assembly needs are planned for in advance.
  • Order quantity: Placing orders in large batches at once is very cost effective compared to small batches spread out all through the year. Order volumes high enough get discounted.
  • Design Complexity: The complexity of the PCB board should be minimized to reduce the extra work from the manufacturer. Sometimes some designs demand complexity e.g. ball grid arrays (BGA) which must undergo extra inspection.

Design And Type Of Mounting Technology Among Other Factors Influence Cost Of PCB

Design And Type Of Mounting Technology Are Among Factors Influencing Cost Of PCB

What Are The Red Flags To Look For When Sourcing For Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Company?

Delays In Responding

If your questions and suggestions are not being addressed suitably and promptly, it is advisable not to engage the company in assembling your PCB.

It is hard trying to follow up on a project and receiving scanty or no responses.

Prohibitive Costs

At times you may receive a quote that is exorbitantly high form a Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly company with no explanations on how the figures were arrived at.

In such situations, you may want to reconsider working with such a company.

Lack Of Understanding Product Specifications

Some PCB Assembly companies find it hard comprehending the bespoke requirements of a client.

If the company fails to go all out and show their flexibility in accommodating your requirements, then they won’t be able to deliver fully customized products.

Failure To Provide References

This implies that the company lacks confidence in its competence and of its previous clients to convey their contentment with their services. It is not to be trusted.

Does SMT Assembly Process Reduce The Cost Of Manufacturing By Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firms?

Surface Mount Technology significantly rates very high when it comes to cost saving.

Machinery cost may be the initial expenditure but the up side is that it greatly reduces the manual procedures.

This benefit comes in two ways.

The first is that the cost of labor is reduced in the long term. It also improves the efficiency of production and in the process the cost is lowered.

Prior to surface mount technology production, assemblers use a software to assemble the PCB digitally thereby reducing the possible errors.

The delays, which can prove to be costly, are minimized due to efficiency.

What Are The Types Of Mounting Technologies Used By Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firms?

There are three types of PCB Assembly mounting technologies:

Surface Mount Technology

This constituent assembly technology works in such a way that solder-reflow procedures are used to link components that are attached on the board.

Its major benefit is miniaturization since components fit a very small space.

Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

Through Hole Technology

Components are mounted on a bare PCB with leads going through the drilled holes

 Through Hole Mounting Technology

Through Hole Technology

Mixed Technology

This is a PCB that contains both through hole and surface mounted components.

What Are The Complimentary Services Offered By Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firms?

  1. Remanufacturing or after-market services
  2. PCB Design assistance
  3. PCB Prototyping
  4. PCB Testing

What Are The Methods Used By Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firms To Test PCBs After Assembly?

Reputable Contract Manufacturers always offer a range of PCB testing processes. These testing methods are very vital in the PCB manufacturing process.

X-ray Inspection

This inspection is also known as the AXI. It is more of an inspection tool for most Contract Manufacturers.

An X-ray technician is able to detect flaws promptly during this test by viewing the barrels, internal traces and the PCBs solder connections.

Elements that are normally concealed from sight can easily be checked by X-ray testing.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Photos of the PCB are taken either by a two 3D cameras or a single 2D camera. A comparison is then made between the PCBs detailed schematics and its photos from the cameras.

If a schematic doesn’t match the boards photos to a certain degree, then an inspection technician flags the board. Issues can be detected in advance using AOI to ensure immediate shutdown of production.

However, the board is not powered by the AOI and does not have total coverage of all the part types.

In-circuit Testing / Bed-of-nails Test

This is the most vigorous PCB testing type present. It is very expensive but the cost depends on fixture size, the board among other factors.

The individual board circuitry is powered and actuated by the ICT. This test is usually 85-90% human error-free.

Burn-in Testing

This is a very extreme testing type for PCBs. Its purpose is to notice initial failures and find the load capacity.

The strength of burn-in testing normally destroys the parts being tested on the PCB.

This type of test usually shortens the PCBs lifespan especially if the boards rated stress is exceeded.

The testing limit is reduced if a few or no failures are found after a brief period of time to evade over-stressing of the PCB.

Flying Probe Test

This test option is less expensive compared to in-circuit testing.

Remember, this test is non-powered and checks for diode issues, opens in the PCB circuit, capacitance, shorts, inductances and resistance.

This test uses a probe with needles attached to it on an x-y grid gotten from Computer Aided Design.

The contract manufacturer has programs that synchronize to equal the PCB for the program to run.

Functional Testing

Some customers have a preference of the old-functional test. The Contract Manufacturer utilizes this to confirm that the PCB will power up.

Requirements for this test include;

  • External equipment pieces
  • Requirements for industry standards
  • Fixtures

The customer normally provides the functional test and any other parameters used.

Some Contract Manufacturers can assist in developing and designing this kind of test.

This may not be a preferred choice if the PCB product needs to get out of the manufacturer quickly because it takes a lot of time.

But for purposes of longevity and quality, this test saves money and saves the company’s face

 Flying Probe Is One Of The Testing Methods A Contract manufacturer Can Adopt

Flying Probe Is One Of The Testing methods Contract Manufacturers Can Adopt

What Are The Different Types Of PCBs That Can Be Assembled By Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly?

Single Sided PCB

Single Sided PCB

  • Single-sided PCBs: This PCB fabrication has the board made out of a thin layer of metal with a single substrate layer. All its components are soldered on one side.
  • Double-sided PCBs: in this PCB, conductive metal sheets are placed on either side of the substrate. For connections to run on the two sides, the center is drilled with through-holes.
  • Multilayer PCBs: Consists of three or more double-layered PCBs over each other with insulation layers in between to reduce heat transfer.
  • Rigid PCBs: used in products that retain their shape in their entire lifespan. Made of rugged substrates resistant to twisting.
  • Flexible PCBs: Made of flexible substrates useful in compact products with flexible parts. They can be single, double or multilayered builds.
  • Rigid-flex PCBs: they utilize both flexible and rigid substrates. They allow space to be saved when used together on the same board.

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid Flex PCB

What Are The Steps Used By Contract Manufacturers to Assemble PCBs?

Once the client approves a PCB Assembly design, the following Assembly procedure is followed for project completion;

  1. Solder paste applied to the board: stainless steel is placed as a thin layer on the board where the PCB components will be mounted.
  2. Component Mounting: Automated Technology is used to solder surface mount components in place on the board.
  3. PCB Inspection: Depending on the type of inspection specified, it is performed on the board to identify any defects on the surface level.
  4. Functional Test: Signal simulations are run by equipment operators through the circuit board to confirm whether it is functioning properly.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Automated Optical Inspection in Contract Manufacturer PCB Assembly?

A single 2D or two 3D take high-resolution photos of the PCB and matches it with a template boards image of the design being made.

It can also be compared with a database of bad and good images of boards.


  1. It can identify major defects in soldering
  2. It can be incorporated directly in the production line to identify defects in advance
  3. It is accurate and very consistent compared to manual visual inspection


  1. Matching using the database can be inaccurate because it relies on the database’s quality
  2. AOI can only detect defects o the surface since it is a passive testing method
  3. It is time consuming to set-up and program the templates. Every design change has its own set-up program.

How Long Do Assembled PCBs By Contract Manufacturers Last?

Predicting the lifespan of an assembled PCB is impossible. Regular visual inspections can however assist in determining whether replacement components are okay.

Some common reasons for Assembled PCB failure include;

  • Poor storage techniques: Extreme environmental conditions such as too much heat or excess cold can bring about rust or warping.
  • Component Burnout: in the event that a PCB assembly does not power on, the enclosure should be opened and melted parts examined.

What Are The Types Of Assembly Options Offered By Contract Manufacture PCB Assembly companies?

The three types of PCB Assembly Order Options in manufacturing are;

Assembly Only

In this type of assembly, the board designer supplies the contract manufacturer with components and fabricated boards that he is going to assemble.

Fabrication And Assembly

In this assembly type, the components must be provided by the company that designed the boards. All other board construction services are then performed by the contract manufacturer.

Turnkey Manufacturing

In this type of assembly, services are the fastest and the process is very comprehensive.

The contract manufacturer is accountable for the PCB fabrication, procuring the components and final assembly.

Turnkey Manufacturing Assembly

What Are The Common Mistakes When Sourcing For Contract Manufacturing PCB Assembly Firm?

Unclear Project Objectives

The partnership with a PCB Assembly contract manufacturer heavily relies on communication.

Failing to clearly state your project objectives to the contract manufacturer is a critical mistake that can greatly impact the client.

The Contract Manufacturer is also affected since the project plans are confusing and vague. This will lead to incorrect specs in a product, differing colors or material.

Clarity of the assembly project should be crystal clear the first time. This will save significant time and money.

Choosing The Lowest Rates

Finding a PCB Assembly contract manufacturer does not necessarily translate to the best quality or cost saving.

If the offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

You should look for a contract manufacturer who will ensure long term profitability instead of basing your choice on the service price.

Too Little Trust On Contract Manufacturer

A certain degree of trust needs to be exercised when outsourcing for PCB Assembly.

This means that your giving out ideas and blueprints to be produced within your specifications by a third party.

For it to effectively work out, some control has to be comfortably ceded.

According your Assembly Contract Manufacturer a healthy bearable amount of freedom can make the company come up with new ideas and excellent innovations that will improve the PCB.

Picking A Contract Manufacturer In A Hurry

It is highly important that all PCB Assembly Contract Manufacturers are properly scrutinized based on their benefits and drawbacks.

A clear list of specifications and needs should be made and interviews scheduled with potential partners.

What Needs To Be Provided To A Contract Manufacturers To Get A PCB Assembly Quote?

A complete set of documentation should include but not limited to;

  • Drawings with Tolerances
  • Bill of Materials
  • Termination or strip list
  • PCB Assembly Instructions
  • PCB Testing Instructions
  • Packaging instructions
  • Special Notes

How Can PCB Assembly Changes Be Ordered To The Contract Manufacturer During Assembly?

It is totally normal to institute changes that effect assembly especially during the critical development stage of prototyping.

The modification process that affect manufacturing has to start with an engineering change order (ECO).

The ability to make an ECO and attach it to a design package is included on some of the PCB Assembly design softwares.

The recommended practice however is to directly consult the Contract Manufacturer and discuss the changes.

Can Component Placement Be Specified By A client To Contract Manufacturing PCBs Assembly Companies?

Complete authority is given to the PCB Assembly designer or engineer to specify the component placement of the PCB assembly.

But to ensure the highest quality and most effective build process, a client’s decisions should be directed through a design development checklist.

The checklist should contain the industries standards and is at the discretion of the contract manufacturer.

The component placement and soldering processes are subject to the equipment available, their capabilities and the component types used.

As your leading contract manufacturer PCB assembly, Venture offers reliable services at competitive prices.

Contact us now for all your PCB manufacturing and assembly.

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