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What Is Cable Assembly?

This is a set of cables and wires that are placed together and organized into a unit that is single.

The product has a great purpose which is the power providence to numerous cables and at the same time arranging them into a unit that is stress-free to replace, maintain and install.

Besides, the product works by going into a port and then connecting into a unit that is single which has directly been plugged at the source of power.

The wires then work out their function of electrical transmission or aiding communication through them which consists of several wires and cables.

For easy identification of the cables or wires, they are normally in different colors, stripped or marked.

cable assemblies

cable assemblies

Why Is Cable Assembly Important?

It is important due to the following reasons;

It helps in the prevention against damage to the wires and cables.

That is, through putting them together thus a reduction in the possibility of physical trauma, a vibration that is strong and other factors.

Physical trauma, strong vibrations, and other related factors do cause harm and damage to the cables and wires thus causing additional costs to repair and replace.

Also, the cable assembly is important since it provides protection from problems associated with dust, oil, dirt, and water.

Here, the possible harm of these problems is reduced to minimal hence creating a good environment for them servicing their intended purposes.

Are There Standard Requirements For Cable Assembly?

Yes, there are standard requirements for the cable assembly.

Which Types Of Cable Assembly Exist?

The following are some of the types of a cable assembly that do exist;

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

This type of cable often has a round white or black cable that consists of a metal connector with a middle pin that is known as an “F-type” which is hooked on television.

This type of assembly usually utilizes bundles of coax cables with every number of connections, terminations, and other aspects that are combined.

Coaxial cable assemblies

coaxial cable assemblies

This is so to achieve the intended goal in the most appropriate way that is possible.

The following are the types of coaxial assembly

The hard-line is mainly used in the radio and telecommunication industry where a wide application is used in radio communications and broadcasting.

This type of cable should be able to withstand some critical elements thus they involve connectors that are special.

Often, these cables are normally thought in nature and they are used in going through in between the ground transmitter to the antenna.

Radiating, just like the headline cable, the radiator functions in a similar way with an exception of small slots that are cut indirect manner into the shield.

The different individual shields normally get distinct radio frequencies or wavelengths for specific receivers and transmitters.

They are often used in places where antennas do not work like the elevators, subway tunnels, and ships.

RG-6, these types of cables are used around housings.

They are numerous types of this cable thus servicing different purposes around the house.

These cables need some concerns such as being pumped using a special gel in order to make it to be waterproof.

Additionally, other cables like the messenger line consist of a steel wire that is added for the cable to withstand the tension that is there while running down on a utility pole.

Triaxial, is a coaxial cable that has an added layer of shielding.

The added shielding layer protects the inner shields from the outside EMI.

Twin axial, allows for multiple conductors in a single shield.

With this, there is a guaranteed transfer of signal.

Semi-rigid, it is a coaxial cable that has flexure that is minimum due to its outer sheath which is made of copper.

It is applied in the measuring of the magnitude frequencies of both unknown and known frequencies.

Rigid lines, do not bend under any circumstance and they are used in the transmission of high power.

 Benefits Of Coaxial Cable Assembly

Higher capacities of data transfer; these cables give transmission capacities that are excellent over other cables like the twisted match cables.

There are close to minimizing errors while using these cables; there is close to no obstruction when using these cables thus executing high quality and speed.

They can support different stations; due to their frequency that is versatile, they can allow for broadband throughput capabilities.

Limitations Of Coaxial Cable Assembly

When it comes to long-distance signal transfer, there are high levels of signal loss.

At the point connection, there is a higher probability of signal leakage.

Under heavy cables, there is the fluctuation of speed.

Area of application

Basically, the coaxial is a transmitter.

It aids in the connection of receiver or transmitters to the antennas, it also aids in the computer Ethernet connections, dissemination of TV signals, and audio applications that are digital.

The cables transmit electric signals with the aid of inner conduct that is copper and it is insulated with dielectric materials.

Military Cable Assemblies

The military applications are normally harsh.

The military greatly relies on the cables assemblies for them to execute their missions and jobs in a way that is more perfect and professional.

Some of the roles that require higher intensity cables are running a bomber mission in a jet and allowing the troops the chance to communicate to their bosses who are far away from them.

The military cable assemblies are made with high flexural strengths wh9ch enables them to withstand numerous cycles.

militarry cable assemblies

military cable assemblies

For a long time period with quick runs, the flexural capability becomes an essential factor that is required to keep the system functioning in a more optimal manner.

Most importantly, the military cable assemblies are normally customized; below are their benefits, limitations, and applications.


They are accurate, the military has their cable assemblies manufactured according to their specifications.

Through doing that, they get what they want which going to suit the purpose is intended.

They are of higher performance levels, due to their specification at the time of manufacture and tested immediately after manufacture, the military cable assemblies are so effective.

Due to their risky job, they need to have high-performance gadgets which help them in their duty execution more appropriately.

Multiple functions, their main functions being surveillance and security, cables can be incorporated with numerous functions that include signal, cable shielding, signal, video, power, and coax.

The numerous functions can be incorporated into a single cable thus occupying minimal space and saving on time.


There is much accountability when it comes to military able assemblies as every bit of manufacturing and production to be communicated.

An individual is normally in constant communication with the manufacturers for them to give instructions and has to oversee how their products are being made.

Through doing that, the final product is normally fictional as it is required.

Quality assurance

There is an assurance when it comes to quality as the product has to undergo several tests to determine its functionality, reliability, and safety.

The following parameters can be tested to determine its nature; tolerances, electric parameters, performance in temperature, and chemical resistance.


Poor signal strength at times, the gadgets are prone to lose the signal strengths in some areas thus making communication becomes a problem between the troops and their commanders.

Harsh conditions like highly corrosive chemicals, water, and others can affect the functionality of equipment or completely damage it.


Wires and cables are part of the important components that are found in military database devices and systems.

They should be approximately get engineered which will have an assurance on their quality, durability, and reliability at the same time they are in use.

The following are some of the applications in the places where they are used;

They are used in the field communication systems

Besides, they are also used in the marine systems

Avionic systems

Equipment at the military ground

They are used in the control systems of remote weapons

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

These types of cable assemblies, consist of ribbon-like planar cables which are flat and rectangular in shape.

The connectors in this setting do run parallel against each other.

Because of their distinctive shapes, they are able to be folded for them to form a space-saving kind of configuration.

Flat ribbon cable assemblies

flat ribbon cable assemblies


The design is flat and flexible

When doing wiring in components that are tiny, all you need is an innovative way to complete your task.

For instance, it is so difficult to use round wires and cables in a floppy disk as it is small, a flat cable would be of great help in such a scenario.

Therefore, by use of a flay cable according to the component’s design, it does the work more efficiently and saves adequate space in the component.

In the event a project is done, currents have to be directed in numerous directions where the conventional wires are not able to turn in the order needed.

That is the main reason you have to use the flat ribbon cable assemblies since they are not rigid.

They are easily adjustable

When wiring is being done internally, there are no chances to direct the wires in any given direction.

For easy cable adjustment when doing any type of wiring, the flat ribbon cable assemblies are the most recommended and widely used.

Also, one does not need anything for insulation as they are safer and a hand press can do the function.

Coding of color

With this type of cable assembly, it comes with color-coding which enhances visibility and things are made easier for the engineers.

With color-coding, there are minimal chances to error as it is easier to perform an adjustment on the setup.


They cannot be used for wire and cable applications as their transfer of electric current is limited to some level.


The cable assembly is used in a wide range of applications like floppy drives, hard drives, and compact disk drives.

The basic application is connecting two components of the same device.

Is Wire Harness And Cable Assembly The Same?

The wire harness is not the same as a cable assembly, below are their differences;

Firstly, when it comes to cable assembly, the cables are under a single unit thus appearing to be in one thick wire.

Each cable inside the sleeve, despite them being together, each individual cable might function separately from the others.

wire harness

wire harness

On the other hand, the wire harness is a combination of wires that have been sheathed separately.

Subsequently, separate internal features can be a lot break out or run into distinct directions.

Secondly, the cable assembly technology is durable while the wire harness is not but is best used for indoor uses.

The top sleeve on the cable assembly is to make the cable more durable and resistant to stress while wire harness coating is made up of industrial yearns or plastic.

The coatings on the wire harness are not suitable for environmental conditions like sunlight and wet conditions thus making it not durable but to be used indoors with lots of care.

Additionally, the cable assemblies are directed into tighter spaces while the wire harness is limited to distinct cables that are in the structure.

What Is Custom Cable Assembly?

This is a collection of cables that do consist of different sizes, colors, lengths, and constructions that vary all arranged in one unit.

custom cable assemblies

custom cable assemblies

What Is The Function Of Cable Assembly?

Cable assembly has the following functions;

Firstly, they have a great function that is protecting the technicians handling them from the potential probability of shock from electrical current.

Electric currents are so much hazardous if poorly handled, they can lead to lifetime injuries and at its worse, and they can lead to death.

Secondly, they do offer protection to materials that are likely going to get harmed by the electric currents or they do conduct electricity hence causing harm to the people.

Additionally, the cable assembly is used to protect the wires and cable that are in their sheaths.

That is achieved since the wires and cables are then guarded against wear and tear, damages that are incidental and environmental conditions that are harsh.

Lastly, it becomes easier during the navigation of the electrical systems as the wiring is maintained in a configuration that is highly organized thus saving time during system analysis.

Where Can You Use Cable Assembly?

The cable assembly can be used in the following area of operations;

Cable assemblies can be used in displays of flat panels

The usage of flat panel displays has been on the rise in the recent past thus its applications range from industrial, consumer, and commercial purposes.

For instance, the cables are an important aspect when it comes to the display of flat panels whether they are in television sets ready for sale or on display screens in cockpits.

Inflight systems

In commercial airlines, there are television sets that are normally put on the headrest of each individual passenger seat.

The airlines usually depend on the cable assembly to achieve the desired functionality of the television sets on the passenger’s headrests.

Navigation systems

Cable assemblies are vital when it comes to the support of vehicular navigation systems.

Navigation systems in vehicles are found, in police sirens, fire engine sirens, and automobiles that are private.

How Much Does Cable Assembly Cost?

There is no standard cost of the cable assembly as it relies on various aspects like;

Construction of cables, for instance, fewer wires in the cable bring upon low costs.

The type of material used, for instance, stainless steel will cost more than galvanized steel.

The strength recommendations also determine the cost of cable assembly as strong recommendations result in higher pricing.

The cost of fitting.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Buying Cable Assembly?

Installation of the cable


Construction of the cable

Operation of the cable

Size of the cable

Is Color Coding Important In Cable Assemblies?

Yes, color coding is an important aspect of cable assemblies since it enhances visibility and error minimization when performing adjustments.

Why Is RF Cable Assembly Unique?

The assembly is unique since it features the following;

An electrical performance that is outstanding

RF cable assemblies

RF cable assemblies

High frequencies

Low loss

Why Should You Work With Cable Assembly Manufacturers In China?

The following are some of the reasons why you ought to work with cable assembly manufacturers from China;

There is speedy turnarounds for the prototypes.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, the process has lots of flexibility.

In China, it is a country with repeatable excellence in cable assemblies.

Through dealing with cable assemblies from China, you are guaranteed the right quality standards as they have the relevant certification for standards.

There is accountability as there is a link between the client and the manufacturer from the first meeting, through all processes of production to delivery.

In China, there are experienced expertise to manufacture the cable assemblies, they deliver the best cable assemblies with close to minimal errors

What Is High-Speed Cable Assembly?

The high-speed cable assembly is an assembly that is used in short-distance interconnections of data center scenarios like in core routers.

How Can You Test Quality Of Cable Assembly?

The quality of a cable assembly can be tested in the following ways;

The Pull Test

The pull test is used by the designers to determine the points that might be having errors like on the connectors, wires and other system components.

Also, when a measured approach is used, the exact weight load the system can withstand is also determined, it is important when the client has a specific load in the mind.

The Flex Test

With this type of test, the assembly is like being tested in an environment where it is intended to function.

The components are bent and twisted in dissimilar directions like it is fitted in the end structure for instance an automobile.

There are flexural machines that can also be used in the performing of a flex test thus evaluating the component’s durability.

Some of the other ways in which the quality of the cable assembly can be determined are as follows;

Their ability under chemical resistance

Their behavior towards the corrosion of salt and water

Behavior in harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures

How Do You Choose Connectors For Cable Assembly?

The following are some of the factors that should be considered when choosing connectors for cable assembly;

Rating of current is the measure of the amount of current that can go through a terminal that is mated.

The size of the connector and density, the size of the connections determines the connectors to be used as well as the density which is the circuit number the connector is going to accommodate per square inch.

The force of engagement is the effort that is required in the connection and engaging the two connector halves that are populated.

Factors of the environment, the environment should be considered in order to determine the best connectors for the given environment.

How Can You Identify Cable Assembly?

It can be identified by recognizing the receptacles and the plugs which have been attached on to its ends.

How Do You Specify Cable Assembly?

The following are some of the factors you have to consider when specifying cable assembly;

Having in mind the intended application

Considering the flex life

Suggest a good conductor material

Strand construction

The conductor construction

Do Cable Assemblies Require Shielding?

Yes, cable assemblies require shielding mainly to protect them from harsh environmental conditions that can cause wear and tear.

Which Safety Features Should Cable Assembly Have?

The safety features include;

There should be a correct bending radius to do away with needless points of stress.

Applications and selections of the cable systems, ought to rely on the appropriate selection of the cable type that is required for the purpose.

How Can You Manufacture Cable Assembly?

Manufacturing cable assembly is achieved through the following process;

The client meeting to establish the all restrictions and necessities that they have for their cable assembly.

Proposal development includes various elements like where the units of production and prototype will be manufactured.

Approval of the proposal by the client, if the client agrees with the content in the proposal, then you can start ordering materials.

Receiving approval of the prototype from the client in order to start the process of production.

Delivering the results where the final finished cable has to be delivered to the customer.

How Should You Package Cable Assembly?

If the package is for commercial assembly that does not need individual identification, they are packed and transported in bulk with sizes of bundles that do assist in the storage and counting.

However, for customers who want traceability of their product, there is serialization, bag labeling, and other identifications.

What Are The Components Of Cable Assembly?

The components of cable assembly include; primary insulations, connectors, circuits, shielding, conductor cabling amongst others.

How Do You Choose Outer Sheath Of Cable Assembly?

When choosing an outer sheath you need to observe;

  • Tough to withstand unfriendly conditions.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • It should have the ability to resist chemicals.
  • Flexible in nature.

What Are The Best Practices For Cable Assembly Installation?

During installation, you should prevent damage by taking note of serious aspects by the bend radius and also you need to avoid cable twisting.

You need to make a cable reel adjustment for instance reversing the ends of the cable regularly thus preventing one side from being exposed to harsh conditions for a long.

Making of repairs before the cables are beyond repair.

Can You Repair Cable Assembly?

Yes, you can repair cable assembly.

At Venture, we will handle all your PCB assembly processes.

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